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How it works?
Over the next 21 days, you will participate in a challenge that will unlock a Career Transitioner Blueprint to be used in 2022 in order to take the next step to a dream career you've always wanted. Along the way, you will push yourself outside your comfort zone, make some new friends and learn some code. By the end of the 21 days, you will apply, interview and be accepted to top coding bootcamps. On average, each participant receives 3-5 coding bootcamp offers. Get started today!
The Why
We've seen countless people complete this career transition and not a single person did it all on their own.

Each of the rules above, we're tailored to push you outside of your comfort zone in a unique way. We specifically want you to get to know people at your stage and people at a stage ahead of you who will provide personalized guidance.

We also chose Twitter for a reason. Twitter is a tool that will give you leverage in your bootcamp or job interviews, open doors to new opportunities and help establish your brand.





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How to start?
Download Career Karma mobile app
Download Career Karma mobile app
Download Career Karma app and complete Day 1 tasks. Sign up for one of the free prep courses and attend a daily Head Coaching session with our CEO to get started.
Join a new Peer Circle
Join a new Peer Circle
Once you update your profile, post in your current group which prep course you are taking and Timur we'll add you to a new peer circle.
Show Up
Show Up
Commitment and consistency are key factors for you to succeed in this challenge. Show up everyday while leveraging our resources and community to make your dream of entering a new career become a reality this year!
Three main rules
Once you begin the challenge, reach out to 2 people from the community;
1 person who is at your stage and 1 person who is a stage ahead of you.
This will allow you to strengthen your support system, hold each other accountable, reveal new resources, and validate your approach.
To make this challenge a success we're going to be strict with participation.
We can only hold you accountable if you show up and participate.
In order for your Peer Circle to see if you're falling behind or need help, we ask that you take a screenshot of your conversations each day and share it in your group.
Three Main Rules
  • Directly Message at least 2 people each day on Career Karma by initiating
    a conversation to ask them how they're planning to break into tech in 2022
  • Create a Twitter post about people you meet each week, bootcamps you're
    interested in or your progress for the week using the #21DayCkChallenge hashtag
  • Attend 1 Career Karma workshop a week over the next 3 weeks to create your
    personalize Career Transitioner Blueprint

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