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Your AI Coach

AI Companions are the New Interface to Build Engaging Customer Relationships

Transform Your Customer Interactions with Custom AI Companions - Seamless Deployment in Days, Not Months

Why Career Karma? 

Explore the AI Companion Experience

Unlock the transformative power of AI Companions to revolutionize how we learn, work, and grow. Enable easy and efficient AI deployment with our innovative builder, launching solutions in days, not months.

Memory for Personalized Interactions

Companions remember past conversations, providing personalized responses and tracking communication preferences.

Low-latency Voice and Video Conversations

Develop deep relationships with customers using Voice and Video Companions.

Personalization & Accuracy (RAG)

Connect user data and proprietary knowledge databases for accurate responses, avoiding hallucinations.

Cross-Device and Cross-Channel Availability

Start a conversation on SMS, continue via phone call, chat, or an audio huddle on the web.

Monitoring & QA

Ensure consistent quality with moderation guardrails and robust testing.

Tool Use

Give your AI Companions access to perform research by surfing the web, set calendar appointments, send emails, trigger sms reminders and 100s of other tools, without writing any code.

Validate AI Use Cases with Minimal Upfront Engineering Investments with our flexible usage-based pricing.

How it works

Our platform allows customers to quickly launch AI agents to discover new AI Companion use cases that their users will adopt.

Brainstorm a use case
Identify AI Companion use cases to solve your business needs, enhancing customer interactions or streamlining your operations.
Design, Prototype & Test
Use our intuitive builder to design and deploy AI Voice, Video, and Chat Companions with low latency for real-time, personalized customer engagement.
Monitor & Quality Assurance
Monitor conversations and automatically evaluate responses and set alerts on quality issues.

Our Investors

Career Karma investors

Safe and Secure

At Career Karma, we understand the paramount importance of security and trust when it comes to deploying AI solutions in your business. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data protection and privacy, ensuring that all AI companions are built on a secure platform. Our rigorous security protocols are designed to protect your data from unauthorized access and breaches, giving you peace of mind. With Career Karma, you can trust that your AI deployments are not only effective but also safeguarded with the latest in cybersecurity technology. Embrace AI with confidence, knowing that your operations and sensitive information are secure.

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How we're working with Google to train 5,000+ professionals

Google's Tech Equity Collective partnered with Career Karma to build the Black Genius Academy (BGA), which aims to train over 5,000 professionals in software engineering, cybersecurity, and design skills.

Career Karma's Enterprise platform is powering BGA, through software customized for Google to give people an action plan with customized branding, content and training options in order to enable large enterprises to seamlessly discover, attract, and retain untapped talent at scale.

Our solution provides career navigation and coaching to learners, while leveraging Career Karma's vast network of job training providers and certificates to provide learners with in-demand skills.

How we're working with Google to train 5,000+ professionals

Discover Bootcamps on Career Karma

At Career Karma, we have been at the forefront of AI innovation for years. In 2022, we launched our first AI Bootcamp Companion, empowering millions of learners to navigate skills and bootcamp courses with ease. Building on that success, we have developed a robust platform to support multiple AI use cases, including AI Advisor, AI Coach, AI Tutor, and AI Work Companion.

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Career Karma's Story



Launch Breaking Into Startups Podcast featuring people from non-traditional backgrounds



Career Karma mobile application is launched


Exponential growth

Community grows to 150,000


Fund raise

Raises $40 million Series B


AI Companions

Launched our AI Bootcamp Companion to over 500,000 learners


AI Coach

Pioneered an AI Coach to improve employee performance by aligning personal goals with company objectives.


AI Companion Platform

Started partnering with Vendors to license our AI technology to power engaging AI experiences with their Customers.

Common questions

The next big breakthrough in AI is AI Agents. This is when AI goes from being used as an assistant to chat with, to using AI to accomplish complete tasks that a human might otherwise have to perform. This moves AI from being a "read-only" operation to fundamentally a "read/write" operation. Ultimately, this brings us much closer to the full promise of AI, in particular in the enterprise, where AI can begin to complete any part of a workflow, and we're already seeing examples today of Agents that write entire software applications or respond to customer support tickets.
Aaron Levie, CEO of Box
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