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Bryan Wirtz


As a Career Karma writer, Bryan takes on topics such as career transitions, roles in technology, and higher education. A Philadelphia native, Bryan attended Penn State University, where he earned his undergraduate degree in integrated social sciences. Bryan has contributed to a range of publications related to education, software development, and financial guidance, including StudyOfViolence.com and GameDesigning.org.

Online IT Degree: Where to Get it and How to Use it in 2020

You have no doubt heard of IT, full name Information Technology. With the emphasis on e-commerce becoming more and more of our daily reality, IT more or less controls the way data is transmitted through different channels.  It isn’t exactly…

Best BSN Degree Programs | Career Karma

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or BSN degree, prepares you to work as a registered nurse. While you can work as a nurse with an associate’s degree, you are afforded more opportunities with a BSN. BSN degrees are also…

What’s a Liberal Arts Degree and What Can It Do For You? A 2020 Guide

You may have heard the term ‘liberal arts school’ or ‘liberal arts college,’ but what do those actually entail?  While everyone is—sometimes, rightfully so— touting the best of what STEM degrees like engineering, science, and mathematics offer to graduates, many…

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