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Esther Kisuke

Content Writer

Esther is a career content writer with over 10 years of experience writing and supporting others in the field. She has pursued a Bachelor’s Degree from Northwestern College and also has a mediation certification from the Mediation Training Institute of Kenya.

How to Get Into West Point: Requirements, Acceptance Rate, and Tips
If you have dreamed of having a career in the military, then you must be wondering how to get into West Point. Serving in the military is a noble career path, and breaking down the steps on how to get…
How to Get Into USC: Requirements, Acceptance Rate, and Tips
University of Southern California (USC) is a dream school for many. It is a private research university that is a leader nationally and globally, and one of the best universities in California. The question of how to get into USC…
Is Your Snapchat Running Slow? How to Make Snapchat Load Faster
In today’s digital age, we run much of our lives on apps. Snapchat has become one of the tools we use to interact with the world around us. It feels good to be able to capture and share your happy…
Is Your Windows 10 Running Slow? How to Make Windows 10 Load Faster
A slow-running computer can be frustrating, especially since speed is synonymous with efficiency in the digital age. If your Windows 10 is running slow and causing you to have an overwhelming backlog of tasks, there are ways to combat this…
The 10 Best and Most Prestigious Universities in North Carolina
The best universities in North Carolina are scattered across this southeastern state. Our picks for the top 10 universities in North Carolina deliver quality programs and excellent value to their students. Attending any of these North Carolina institutions is a…
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a Tech Professional
Right off the bat, you may be wondering, what is imposter syndrome? It’s a feeling of insecurity based on a person’s internal sense of inadequacy that occurs when their achievements don’t make them feel successful. Imposter syndrome in tech is…
IT Manager Salaries: How Much Do IT Managers Make?
IT managers oversee computer and information systems within a company to make sure they are running efficiently. They are responsible for managing the networks, hardware, and software platforms a company uses including IT security. This is why skilled IT managers…
Data Scientist Salaries: How Much Do Data Scientists Make?
A data science career provides great work opportunities and high incomes. If you’re interested in these opportunities, you probably have questions. How much do data scientists make? How much do data scientists make per hour? Is it possible to freelance…

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