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Jamie Akenberger


As a member of the Career Karma team, Jamie writes about technology, higher education, and web design. After graduating with her BA in Public Relations from Florida Gulf Coast University, she worked at iconic companies like Caesars Entertainment, Neiman Marcus, and Disney. Before joining Career Karma in March 2020, she worked as a freelance writer, contributing content to companies like 1-800-Flowers and CELEB.

Data Science Certificate: Do You Really Need One?

A data scientist is one of the hottest jobs in IT today. Companies are always on the lookout to hire data scientists to make sense of all the data that they collect every single day. So, what does it take…

Benefits of a Java Internship

As many know, technology is becoming increasingly more valuable over time. With that increasing importance comes a higher demand for jobs. One of those job demands specifically deals with Java-related positions. What is Java? It is a popular programming language…

The Best Computer Science Colleges

Top 15 Computer Science Colleges to Attend in the US Right Now Congratulations! If you’re reading this, then you probably have decided to further your education in the computer sciences on a four-year program. While this decision might have been…

DevOps Interview Questions

You did it! You applied to the company, and you were one of the selected few to move on in the hiring process. It’s not time to celebrate yet, but if you study up on these interview questions that time…

Top 5 Low-Stress Tech Jobs

There are many factors that could induce stress in life such as bills, health, and school—to name a few, so it’s easy to believe that many people do not want one of those stressors to come from their career.  Luckily,…

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