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Ojash Yadav


Ojash is a writer at Career Karma, where he covers web development, tech careers, and trends in higher education. Ojash completed his degree in Digital Marketing from Digital Technology Institute and has taken on several online training programs where he learned web development and other vital tech skills. Ojash joined the Career Karma team in November 2020.

How to Learn Software Development: Best Courses to Master Application Software
Have you ever wondered how a program knows what actions you want to take? Or, how two pieces of software can perform the same functions, yet seem so different? Have you ever considered creating your own software? The branch of…
How to Learn Adobe Dreamweaver: The Best Web Development Tool
Adobe Dreamweaver has been dominating the web development tool market since its release in 1997. It was one of the first tools that allowed web designers to preview web pages in real-time and quickly see changes made to code.  The…
How to Learn Operations Management: Find High-Quality Online Courses for a Competitive Advantage
Operations management has become one of the most popular options for an online MBA and the demand for operations managers is constantly increasing. If you have any doubt regarding choosing operations management as your career path or how to learn…

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