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Paul Larkin

Staff Writer

Paul Larkin has years of experience in the tech industry and writes about cybersecurity and future of work.

Interview Questions for UI Developer Jobs
You’re finally here! It’s been a long road of work and study, but you’ve made it to the finish line. You’ve spent the last few years learning what it takes to be a UI developer, and you feel confident in…
How to Debug Node.js
If you work with Node.js, there’s no doubt you’ve encountered a situation where you’re faced with a broken application and have no idea where to look to fix your issues. Node.js is a fantastic way to take the power of…
How to Debug PHP Without Experience
Oh, you’ve done it this time. You’ve always been confident about your technical skills and have worked your way up the ladder within your organization to work on their servers. You sit down to work on a reported issue-- and…
How to Debug Ansible: An Overview
You’re an automation fool and you’re ready to get started with Ansible. Ansible is the perfect automation tool to tie your environment together and coordinate upgrades and task deployment. Best of all, Ansible is open-sourced, so you don’t have to…
Coding Basics for HTML Newbies
For many code newbies, the thought of coding a new website fills them with horror and makes them break out in hives. There are those of us, though, who love the dream of building a website from scratch. It’s a…
How to Earn Money During Coding Bootcamp
Let’s face it—coding bootcamp ain’t cheap. Tuition can be high. On average, it runs between $10,000 and $20,000 to attend a coding bootcamp. To address this, many schools have begun to offer income sharing agreements (ISA). With an ISA, you…
Important Technology Skills for Resume Greatness
Stop me if you’ve heard this one: you’re in the middle of a job interview for something non-technical--maybe a marshmallow inspector position or a job along those lines. You and the hiring manager are getting along great until she scans…

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