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Sandro Glonti

Sandro, from Georgia, joined Career Karma in September 2021. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Econometrics. His previous published work has also appeared on Resume Example. He is fascinated by SEO and has professional experience in data analysis and SQL from his previous professions before becoming a content writer.

Where to Find the Best Online Cryptography Courses, Classes, and Training
Cryptography consists of the study and maintenance of network security and public key encryption services for various companies. Online cryptography courses help students learn tech development skills and experience topics like front end development, foundational cryptography basic concepts, forms of…
Where to Find the Best Online CSS Courses, Classes, and Training
When it comes to getting started in front end web development, learning to make your site dazzle and maintain a user's attention is an important skill. If you aspire to be a front end developer, or just want to create…
Learn Python for Data Analysis: Learning Resources, Libraries, and Basic Steps
A majority of today's programmers and data analysts use Python. This popular language never ceases to surprise its users when it comes to big data and analysis tools. Many data analysts use Python’s advanced features to conduct statistical analysis and…
Software Testing Apprenticeships: Programs, Jobs, and Salary
There are many ways you can learn software testing and engineering skills. You can earn a degree in computer science, attend a coding bootcamp, or take free online courses to develop your skills in software testing. You can also get…
SEO Apprenticeships: Programs, Jobs, and Salary
With an apprenticeship, you can learn a lot about a field without having to go to university. Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to earn a wage while gaining valuable work experience. By the end of your program, you’d have gained…
Learn Python for Statistics: Learning Resources, Libraries, and Basic Steps
Today, Python is by far the most popular programming language. Python programming has several advantages over other languages, including its ease of use. Statisticians regularly use Python because of how versatile the language can be when analyzing data. In this…
How to Become a Network Engineer: What Is the Best Network Engineer Career Path?
It is no mystery that many companies and jobs are going digital. Nowadays, organizations host their databases on the Internet, storing and sharing information on wide area networks (WANs). Because of this shift, most projects in the information technology industry…

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