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Data Science

Top Tools for Visualizing Data

There you are, a junior data scientist on one of your first big projects after transitioning into one of 2019’s best careers. You’ve written crisp, well-documented code that’s effective and organized. After carefully reviewing the assumptions required for your analysis,…

What Are the Best Resources to Learn R for Free?

Though it doesn’t rank as high as Python, SQL, or a few other languages for data science, R remains a popular tool for doing statistical computing. It has been expanded for 20 years by researchers wanting to make analysis and…

Top 5 Tools for Data Analysis

Getting into data analytics is one of the best careers moves you can make in 2019. We live in a world practically flooded by numbers representing consumer preferences in movies, food, books, and music, whether a person is likely to…

Best Programming Languages for Data Science

Data science is easily one of the most exciting, rewarding, and fastest-growing fields today. With so many resources available for learning data science and the supply of data scientists not meeting demand, it’s a great time to pick up the…

The 5 Best Data Science Books to Read in 2020

Data Science is one of the best careers you could be getting into right now. Companies are hiring legions of data scientists at excellent salaries, and the work is as challenging as it is enjoyable. It’s no surprise, then, that…

The Differences between Big Data and Data Science

There’s quite a lot of excitement around data science these days, with its reputation for being remunerative and future-oriented. But people often confuse it with related terms, like ‘big data’. Both of these concepts are notoriously difficult to pin down.…

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