Iris Nevins from a Coding Bootcamp to Software engineer at MailChimp

In 2018, Iris Nevins landed a job as a software engineer at MailChimp, an Atlanta-based marketing automation platform (although Iris works remotely in Oakland). Quick trivia: MailChimp sends out a whopping billion emails per day!

Iris sits down with the Artur Meyster, Ruben Harris and Timur Meyster on the Breaking Into Startups Podcast to share how she learned how to code and receiving 6 figures offers from Mailchimp and Reddit after graduating from a coding bootcamp.

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In 2017, Iris Nevins decided to leave her work as a teacher in Florida to attend a bootcamp in the Bay Area – but it was not without its own struggles. Iris shares her belief that when you’re on your path, no matter the road blocks, serendipitous things will happen.

Fun fact, Iris was one of the early listeners of the Breaking Into Startups and initially wanted to learn how to code to combine her passion for coding with tech activism.

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