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Editorial Team

Chad M. Crabtree


23 Articles8 Comments

Chad M. Crabtree is the Editor-in-Chief at Career Karma, where he covers tech education and the future of work. His work has been featured in TechCrunch and other industry publications. Read more

Anith Adilah

Copy Editor

9 Articles0 Comments

Bukowski in a dress, Anith is a self-proclaimed poet moonlighting as a journalist. If she is not busy chasing deadlines, she enjoys analog photography. Anith is currently based in Cambodia, where she helps run two weekly print publications. Her dream dinner guests would be The Strokes. Read more

John Benes

Copy Editor

0 Articles0 Comments

Originally from Western Michigan, John Benes lived for a stint in Baltimore, Maryland where he got his MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts.A poet, editor, and hobbyist techie, John enjoys playing drums, running, video games, and fumbling around with various computer hardware.  John currently lives in Nunica, Michigan with his two cats Artemis and Apollo. Read more

Justin Forsyth

Copy Editor

0 Articles0 Comments

Justin joined the editorial team at Career Karma in 2020 after earning degrees in medicine, Korean, and Asian Studies.He worked as an editorial assistant as an undergrad and has contributed to academic articles in linguistics and neurobehavioral sciences.Justin lived abroad for several years in Ireland, South Korea, and Canada. If he could move anywhere, Budapest would be at the top of his list. Read more

Helwin Mara

Copy Editor

0 Articles0 Comments

Helwin is a third culture news junky who has lived across Southeast Asia in the past decade. As a journalist by day, he has collaborated with national reporters in two countries representing two distinct identities, and the third is on its way. When not grinding in real life, he likes to play Destiny and travel with friends. Read more

Ethan Scully

SEO Editor & Writer

49 Articles0 Comments

Ethan Scully is a writer, SEO editor, and indie game developer traveling the world and currently based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He’s spent time as a feature writer for newsprint, an English teacher, and an IT professional, and he is now very happy to combine those three loves to write about technology in the English language. Read more

Writing and Research Staff

Joshua Weinstein

Senior Staff Writer

131 Articles0 Comments

Joshua Weinstein is a senior staff writer focusing on future of work and alternative education programs. Read more

James Gallagher

Technical Writer

785 Articles0 Comments

James Gallagher is a technical writer at Career Karma who writes about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, bash, and Java. Read more

Jamie Akenberger

Staff Writer

65 Articles0 Comments

Read more

Kimberly Forsythe

Staff Writer

2 Articles0 Comments

Kimberly Forsythe is a globe-trotting freelance writer, futurist, and techno-optimist. She's traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe. When she's not writing, she enjoys collaborating with colleagues on ways to advance tech in medicine, education, sustainability, to mitigate existential threats, and for the overall benefit of humanity. Read more

Maria Elena González


2 Articles0 Comments

I’m a journalist with a specialization in the Audiovisual matters and have been working in the tech world for over two years. Some of the companies I’ve worked with have been: Luckyposting, Trip University, and the Canadian agency Digital Purpose. Now I’m part of this amazing team at Career Karma! Read more

Lexie Knibbs

Staff Writer

8 Articles0 Comments

Lexie was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and specializes in media communication and technical writing. She has a passion for media technology and the future of the ever-evolving tech industry. When she’s not at work you can find her going for a jog along the California coast, baking in the kitchen, or snuggled up reading a good book. Read more

Paul Larkin

Staff Writer

197 Articles0 Comments

Paul Larkin has years of experience in the tech industry and writes about cybersecurity and future of work. Read more

Saira Tabassum

Staff Writer

16 Articles0 Comments

Saira Tabassum is a technical and proposal writer in the bay area. She loves poetry and fiction writing. Saira aspires to pursue a degree in MFA Creative Writing in the near future (preferably in NY). Saira loves to travel, cook, read, hike and hang out with friends. Introvert at heart, Saira’s favorite way to unwind is through tuning into a Bollywood or Hollywood movie/show. Read more

Ellie Walburg

Staff Writer

8 Articles0 Comments

Ellie is a communications coordinator with a passion for story. New-to-coding writer, she enjoys writing for new audiences. When not writing at her computer, she's spending time outside or enjoying a great cup of coffee. As a lifelong learner, she's also pursuing her M.B.A. Read more

Bryan Wirtz

Staff Writer

75 Articles0 Comments

A graduate of Penn State University, Bryan is a writer specializing in technology and entertainment. When he's not obsessively reading up on politics and culture, Bryan is usually found reading a good book or learning to cook new and exciting things. Read more

Brandon Woods


81 Articles0 Comments

Brandon Woods is a writer, artist, and occasional animator when he can find the time. When he’s not studying art and animation, you can often find him typing away at his computer, watching something on Netflix, or reading about the latest news in gaming, technology, and entertainment. Read more

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