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University Admissions

Understanding university admissions can help you pick your stretch schools and safety schools. Career Karma has university admissions guides for Ivy League applicants, students who didn’t get a good GPA in high school, and everyone in between.

Is Early Action Binding? Explaining Single Choice and Restricted
The college admissions process is anything but linear. There are many different application options and processes depending on where you decide to apply. Some are binding and others are non-binding. So, is applying via Early Action binding? Early Action is…
GRE Test Prep: How to Ace the Exam
If you are planning to attend a graduate school, you're probably aware of the official GRE test. While many dread it, following these GRE test prep suggestions will help you ace the GRE General Test. What Is the GRE? The…
Best GMAT Prep: How to Prepare for and Ace the Test
Interested in business school but not sure where to start? Remember, one of the major requirements for most traditional MBA programs is the GMAT, the standardized test for graduate-level business programs. The best place to start is to find the…
Online MBA Programs with No GMAT
Pursuing an MBA is becoming a more and more common goal for graduate students. The one thing that tends to make everyone think twice about the idea is the dreaded GMAT exam. But what if you didn’t have to take…

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