Central Coast College

Salinas, California

How much does it cost to attend Central Coast College?

How much does it cost to attend Central Coast College and earn a bachelor’s degree?

In-state students pay an annual total price of $NaN to attend the school on a full time basis. This includes the $NaN for tuition, $NaN for books and supplies, $NaN for other fees, $NaN for other expenses, and $NaN for room and board.

Out of state residents are charged a higher rate. If you are an out-of-state resident, you can expect to pay $NaN per year. This is 65.9% higher than the total in-state cost. This number includes the $NaN for tuition as well as $NaN for books and supplies, $NaN for other fees, $NaN for room and board, and $NaN for other expenses.

Central Coast College Tuition and Fees

Net Price


Average Total Aid Awarded$
Students Receiving Financial Aid%
Net Price Calculatorwww.centralcoastcollege.edu
Net Price by Earnings
< $30k$

The average net price of attending Central Coast College for one year in the fall 2018 academic year was $21,919 per year. This amount reflects what the average student who was eligible for a grant or a scholarship paid. The net price includes tuition, required fees, books and supplies costs, the cost for room and board, and other expenses.

Net price reflects what most people pay to attend Central Coast College when you factor in the grants and scholarships offered to students at the school. It's a useful statistic to use if you think you may be eligible for a grant or a scholarship. However, net price varies between family income and financial need.

The higher your income, the more likely you are to pay a premium price to attend Central Coast College. Those whose families earned under $30,000 per year paid an average amount of $21,919 per year as of fall 2018.

Central Coast College Financial Aid

Average per Student
Students Receiving
Annual Total Grant Aid
Pell Grant
Federal Student Loan

Central Coast College students are eligible for federal financial aid.

The average student who received financial assistance was given a package that totalled up to $7,325. Of those who applied, 76% received financial aid.

Financial aid packages consist of two parts: Pell Grants and federal student loans. Pell Grants are paid to qualifying students from low-income backgrounds and do not need to be repaid. Federal student loans are given to eligible students on an as-needed basis and must be repaid, with interest, within a certain period of time.

The average Pell Grant awarded to a student at Central Coast College who was granted one in the fall 2018 academic year was $3,480. Of those who applied for a Pell Grant, only 69% of students received one.

The average student who took out a federal student loan was given $4,951 in aid. Only 42% of students who applied for a federal loan had their application accepted.

Central Coast College Student Loans

Example Loan Balance$
Stafford Loan Interest Rate%
Time to Pay Off Student Loan years
Example Monthly Payment$
Total Interest Paid$
Sum of All Loan Payments$

Student loans are an important part of any financial aid package. However, they can be quite complex to understand. To help you out, we have modeled what a ten-year student loan would look like with a balance of $344.

This balance is calculated by multiplying the average net price of studying at Central Coast College for a year by four. Our calculations therefore estimate what you would owe if you qualified for federal financial aid and used student loans to finance a large amount of your education.

We calculate that, using the Stafford Loan interest rate of 4.5%, you would pay $1,909 per month for a period of ten years. Ten years reflects the normal length of a federal student loan. In total, you would have paid $17,302.29 in interest, and the sum of all your loan payments would be $91621.42 once your loan had been paid off.

This projection is not relevant if you finance your education using private loans, which typically come with higher interest rates.

Central Coast College Tuition Payment Plans

Tuition Payment PlanNo
Prepaid Tuition PlanNo
Alternative Tuition PlanNo
Guaranteed Tuition PlanNo

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