Kentucky Wesleyan College

Owensboro, Kentucky

Kentucky Wesleyan College Racial Demographics & Diversity

Percent of Students
American Indian / Alaska Native

When you're considering what college to attend, it's helpful to know about the racial diversity of the school. The more diverse a school is, the more perspectives you'll be open to experiencing throughout your tenure as a student, which will enhance your personal growth as a student.

At Kentucky Wesleyan College, 66% of students are white. This means that the majority of the school's population is white. A total of 34% of students are from minority groups or are students of color. Of those, 12% of students are black, 2% of students are hispanic, 1% of students are Asian, and 1% are American Indian or an Alaska Native.

Kentucky Wesleyan College Gender Demographics & Diversity

Percent of Students
Number of Students

Kentucky Wesleyan College has a good gender balance. 51% of students at the school are men and 49% of students are women. The US average gender split is weighed 56% toward female students. This means that Kentucky Wesleyan College has a student body that skews more toward male students than the average US college.

Kentucky Wesleyan College Geographic Diversity

Percent of Students

Most students who attend Kentucky Wesleyan College come from in-state. A total of 69% of all the students reside in the state of Kentucky. 30% of Kentucky Wesleyan College's students come from out of state.

What's more, 1% of students at Kentucky Wesleyan College are from foreign countries. This means that you'll be surrounded by international students if you decide to enroll in the school. This can help make your education more culturally diverse because you'll get to interact with people from different areas around the world in a balanced and engaging learning environment.

Kentucky Wesleyan College Undergraduate Student Population

Students Over 25 Years Old
Part-Time Undergraduates
Full-Time Undergraduates

Kentucky Wesleyan College has a vibrant undergraduate student population. In total, 37 students at Kentucky Wesleyan College are over 25 years old. This means that not only will you be studying with young students. You'll be able to work with people who are older than the typical student throughout your studies.

Of all the undergraduate students enrolled a Kentucky Wesleyan College, 77 of them are part-time students and the other 753 are full-time students. Being a part-time student is a good option for learners who are already on their way to becoming financially dependent. Part-time studying is also ideal for people who have already started in their careers. What’s more, studying part-time is good for people who have other responsibilities such as family to manage.

Kentucky Wesleyan College Profile

Student Age
Under 18%

Kentucky Wesleyan College has rich diversity in terms of undergraduate student age and income levels.

Of all the 830 students enrolled in Kentucky Wesleyan College, 6% are under 18, 90% are between the ages of 18 and 24, 5% are between 25 and 64. This means that you'll be surrounded by people of all ages if you choose to study at Kentucky Wesleyan College. This also has a significant impact on your personal growth as a student.

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