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Ironhack vs Lambda School

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Ironhack vs Lambda School

Although both schools teach Web Development, Ironhack offers Full-time and Part-time programs, whereas, Lambda School offers Online and Full-time programs and provides financing options including Upfront Payments and Loan Financing.

Overall Rating

Based on 293 reviews
Based on 218 reviews

Available paths

UI/UX Design, Data Analytics, Web DevelopmentWeb Development

Featured programs

Full-time, Part-timeOnline, Full-time


Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, Paris, Sao PauloOnline


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Based on 218 reviews
Ironhack vs Lambda School comparison is based on applicant, student and graduate reviews.
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Ironhack offers nine-week full-time and 24-week part-time programs in web development, UX/UI design, and data analytics at their campuses in Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo and Berlin. Join the 5,000 grads who changed their life with Ironhack. Ironhack’s Web Development curriculum covers comprehensive...

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293 Ironhack reviews

Is Ironhack legit? According to the 293 Ironhack reviews on Career Karma, the school holds a rating of undefined out of five. 0

Once in a lifetime experience

User avatar
Alejandro Silva Cebreros graduated Ironhack
Created 1 day ago
If you'd asked me a few months ago, I didn't know of how much I could achieve in such a short time period. One of the things I appreciate the most about my experience in the bootcamp, it's the ability they grant to overcome yourself, showing you that if you want it, and work accordingly, you can accomplish whatsoever you intend to. I can only but completly recommend it.
Everything, but at most the experience they provide, which is the closest you'll have once you're working in the field.
The timing was always an issue, cause it makes u feel you're never fully ready, but at the end of the day it pays off
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Lambda School

Lambda School is an online coding school offering immersive six-month programs in Android and iOS development, data science, and full stack web development. Students can expect to learn computer science fundamentals, front end technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript using React; as well as backend technologies like Python, SQL, Node, and...

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216 Lambda School reviews

Is Lambda School legit? According to the 216 Lambda School reviews on Career Karma, the school holds a rating of undefined out of five. 0

Tough but valuable

User avatar
Mark Halls graduated Lambda School
Created 17 days ago
I found Lambda school was a grueling yet rewarding experience. The pace starts off slow, introducing you to basic web concepts like HTML5 and CSS before moving into some basic javascript. The early weeks we would often devote an entire days learning to concepts like for loops and switch statements. Since every new concept built on the last it was very important to thoroughly understand it before moving on. There were a few weeks where the content was so dense I was spending a lot of...
Good course structure Great instructors Good support structure - There are optional support hours where you can get more help understanding topics you may be having trouble with. More in depth than expected
Intense schedule at times
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Answers to commonly asked questions

How do Ironhack and Lambda School stack up when it comes to reviews?

Ironhack gets an average rating of 4.4, and Lambda School has an average rating of 4.3. However, keep in mind that Ironhack’s rating is based on 293 number of reviews, and Lambda School’s rating is based on ...

How many campuses does each school have, and where are they located?

Ironhack has 9, and Lambda School has 1. Ironhack’s campuses are located in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, Paris, Sao Paulo, while Lambda School’s campuses can be found in...

What are the finance options for Ironhack and Lambda School?

Ironhack students can pay tuition with ISA, Upfront Payments, Loan Financing, and Lambda School students can pay using Upfront Payments, Loan Financing.

What kind of student outcomes does each school have?

Student outcomes are an important consideration. Ironhack currently has 0, while Lambda School has 0. Graduates from Ironhack are currently working at companies like a everis, Cabify,...