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Lambda School vs Springboard

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Lambda School vs Springboard

Although both schools teach Web Development, Lambda School offers Online and Full-time programs, whereas, Springboard offers Online and Self-paced programs and provides financing options including Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments and Loan Financing.

Overall Rating

Based on 42 reviews
Based on 163 reviews

Available paths

Web DevelopmentUI/UX Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Full Stack Development

Featured programs

Online, Full-timeOnline, Self-paced




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Lambda School vs Springboard comparison is based on 205 applicant, student and graduate reviews.
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Lambda School

Lambda School is an online coding school offering immersive six-month programs in Android and iOS development, data science, and full stack web development. Students can expect to learn computer science fundamentals, front end technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript using React; as well as backend technologies like Python, SQL, Node, and Django.

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41 Lambda School review

Refreshing take on higher education

Created 1 day ago
--My thoughts and experiences are my own, I'm a contractor not an employee of Lambda. Nothing here constitutes a promise or guarantee on Lambda's behalf-- To give you some context on the incoming review let's rewind a bit and go back to what I did before Lambda. I had my first child young and decided to become a truck driver for around 5 years, this provided good money but required me to not have a stable home environment. After a while, I decided the time was right to transition to local...
-Staff Support for Students -Constant growing and adaptation of new materials based off employer and student feedback -Career readiness program is built into the "student experience" -Mental health support and awareness is top notch for a...
-While cheaper than some colleges and other camps, it's still a bit on the high side for income sharing -Some of the curriculum may have hitches due to the ever changing nature of code and libraries along with an agile environment -Since...
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Springboard’s part-time bootcamps get you job-ready in 6-9 months, from the comfort of your home. Launch your new tech career in fields like data science, UX design, data analytics, machine learning or software engineering with a job guarantee. Springboard has served thousands of students around the world through a combination of expert-curated curricula and one-on-one mentorship. Springboard's self-paced courses offer students the opportunity to develop job-ready skills that they display in an industry-worthy capstone or portfolio projects. And throughout the process, students receive support from their industry mentor, as well as Springboard's resident advisors and the larger student/alumni community.

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78 Springboard reviews

Pleased with the program but there are a few flaws

Created 22 hours ago
First of all, I was paired with a mentor who was unprepared and/or uninterested in actually helping me. He gave me almost no feedback on my projects, evaded answering direct questions and didn't look at my Google docs until we were already in a call. I put up with this for a bit in the hopes things would improve before getting frustrated and asking to switch. So glad I did that! I'm paired with a much better mentor now and the whole process of switching me occurred in less than a day. But yes I...
Mentor, good curriculum overall, attentive and helpful student advisors, great career counselors, attractive and easy to use interface.
A bit expensive for what you're getting, some bad apple mentors, some articles used in curriculum are not professional, very few career counselors so you have to wait about a month to speak to them although they are very professional and...
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Answers to commonly asked questions

How do Lambda School and Springboard stack up when it comes to reviews?

Lambda School gets an average rating of 4.3, and Springboard has an average rating of 4.6. However, keep in mind that Lambda School’s rating is based on 42 number of reviews, and Springboard’s rating is based...

How many campuses does each school have, and where are they located?

Lambda School has 1, and Springboard has 1. Lambda School’s campuses are located in Online, while Springboard’s campuses can be found in Online.

What are the finance options for Lambda School and Springboard?

Lambda School students can pay tuition with Upfront Payments, Loan Financing, and Springboard students can pay using Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing.

What kind of student outcomes does each school have?

Student outcomes are an important consideration. Lambda School currently has 0, while Springboard has 55. Graduates from Lambda School are currently working at companies like a ...