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Welcome to discussions! Before you move on, please take some time for yourself to reflect and document your journey. It's important to evaluate your current approach and audit whether or not it's been effective in getting you to where you want to be. This is a good opportunity to gain clarity, reorient yourself, and commit to starting (and finishing) 2020 off strong. Share your reflections and use this discussion to find people with shared interests that want to see you win to add...
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Career Karma just raised $10 Million Series A!

CK Fam, for a few weeks now I've been waiting to share this news with our Career Karma community!

@Ruben Harris, @Artur (Founder of CK), and I are so grateful to all of you for helping us build our...

You Can & You Will!

I want to become financially independent by my 50th birthday which is in 2 years and I believeI can do it by immersing myself in the field of technology so I can obtain a highly compensated career in...

2020 VISION!! 🙏🙏🙏

Where were you 10 years ago at the beginning of 2010?

I was an undergraduate Working for a BPO company in the Philippines catering to the US Market

-Where are you now?
In the U.S for vacation,...

2020 Vision

-Where were you 10 years ago at the beginning of 2010? 

10 years ago I was still in college, preparing for a life in the corporate world. Back then, I was  dreaming about working on Wall Street and...

Ready To Serve!

10 yrs ago, I was in a career that I enjoy but it's difficult to take a vacation for more than a week because of its demanding nature. I have always loved the outdoors and I want to be able to travel...

My Vision

Ten years ago it was 2010 and I was twenty-four years old. I was married to an Army officer and we lived in Germany. On the outside, everything looked amazing. I had a beautiful wife and lived in the...

10 Years ago I was stuck

10 Years ago I was stuck in a dead end job at golf course. Stressed to the max on  making ends meet. Now I'm learning daily on Sololearn.com as well as www.freecodecamp.com on both my cell phone and...

An outsider amidst.

What are some benefits of being a outsider in general but specifically on tech?

20/20 for 2020

-Where were you 10 years ago at the beginning of 2010?

Trying to finish my degree at a university that wasn't physically accessible for me. According to their special services department I wasn't...

Past/ Present/ Futre

10 years ago I was working at a greeting company here in Hawaii going to the gate of the flights meeting customers and helping them get to their hotels if that was included in Thier package.i was...

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