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Welcome to discussions! Before you move on, please take some time for yourself to reflect and document your journey. It's important to evaluate your current approach and audit whether or not it's been effective in getting you to where you want to be. This is a good opportunity to gain clarity, reorient yourself, and commit to starting (and finishing) 2020 off strong. Share your reflections and use this discussion to find people with shared interests that want to see you win to add...
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My Answer to: "How Do I Prioritize Pursing Riches...

Imagine you and a friend are shooting down roaring rapids. You've been out all day having fun fighting the rushing water. Suddenly, up ahead you see a waterfall. As you and your friend look out and...

10 years ago to now to 10 years in the future!!!!

10 Years ago I was 24 yrs old working for a food service warehouse order selecting and also a fork lift operator. I was also still very immature getting into trouble not really applying myself the...

Career Coaching Kickoff with Ruben Harris

10 years ago I was raising an 11 year old super cool kid, trying to find a career that matched my newly earned Master's degree and not feeling like my academic efforts had given me the dream...

10 Years Ago, Now, 10 Years Later

Hello everyone! Names David and 10 years ago, I was working in a door to door sales gig selling knives. lol. Taught me the importance of sales and the power of teamwork. Unfortanatly, I was still...

Self Reflection

Where I was 10 years ago
I was in high school as a 10th grader. I honestly was with people as acquaintances who went to milk tea places.
Where I am now
I have a part-time job but I'm off for a few...

Pivoting in a Pandemic: Top 3 steps to take in...

Pivoting in a Pandemic: Top 3 steps to take in this crisis
Check it out below! 

Need a strong community to help support you in this journey? Kenzie Academy has got your...

Then, Now, Future

10 years ago
10 years ago I was 19 years old - a junior in undergraduate navigating my way through a math major and college squash. 

Today, I am entering my 7th year as a 7th-grade math...

Career Vision /Goals

10 years ago I worked a dead end job as a cashier for a check cashing company making $9 a hour. I knew I had to do something to increase finances. I remember thinking back then, I wish I would have...

Django - Time display

This morning, was spent practicing loading new projects and their apps. I then worked on displaying the time using a basic html template. Image below shows progress, along with project folder and app...

My last 10 years

10 years ago, I worked in Document Management.  It included scanning and indexing of documents.  Packages included Adobe Acrobat.  I was continuing with this job until the end of January 2016, when...

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