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20/20 vision

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Welcome to discussions! Before you move on, please take some time for yourself to reflect and document your journey. It's important to evaluate your current approach and audit whether or not it's been effective in getting you to where you want to be. This is a good opportunity to gain clarity, reorient yourself, and commit to starting (and finishing) 2020 off strong. Share your reflections and use this discussion to find people with shared interests that want to see you win to add...
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10 year radius

So 10 years ago I was in the Army doing communications! Currently I'm not working due to Covid, but in 10 years I will be an expert in coding, teaching others how to learn and living a financially...

I achieved inner peace in 10 years

As I was reading through the posts of everyone's story 10 years ago, I began to look back and ask my self the question, Where was I 10 years ago? I was then 25, trying to figure out what I want and...

My vision

I would like to provide for my family and learn different things as well

10 years ago

10 years ago I was a military spouse living a dream overseas. I have 2 daughters. At the time my spouse decided that being the man he should to himself and family was no longer important.  He didn't...


Where were you 10 years ago at the beginning of 2010?

I was actually a cosmetologist and property manager at that time. 
-Where are you now?

I just left my job as a property management director...

If you're reading this, you're not alone.

Until recently, I've assumed that I was a perfectly rational, and a sane human being. So, I stopped assuming anything. 
In moments of deep reflection, I realised I wasnt nearly living, but just...

My journey in few words...

10 years ago, I was a young Treasurer assistant in a French company back home in Cameroon. Problems solver, learning budgeting/forecasting with my manager, dealing with frustrated vendors,etc.  It...

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

10 years ago I was 18, preparing to go into my Sophmore year of college. I was in a degree program I thought would turn into a career.  A couple major changes later and I ended my collegiate career...

2020 Vision

-Where were you 10 years ago at the beginning of 2010? 

10 years ago I was still in college, preparing for a life in the corporate world. Back then, I was  dreaming about working on Wall Street and...

Answers to Ruben Harris

where was i 10 years ago, I was doing my bachelors of computer science and englneering . where am i now ? working as a Amazon Fulfillment Center associate. where will be? I will be working as a very...

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