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Some of the world's greatest stories never reach fine print. They're living, breathing, and walking the earth as you read this. The stories are gradually unfolding, the chapters are constantly added to, the wisdom and lessons learned are invaluable, and the authors are in complete control of deciding how it ends. Share your story, connect over shared experiences, and learn from others.
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Got my first job!

Well, that was quick, I got a job as a front-end react.js developer a week and a half ago and it’s going really well, in this past week I have improved like crazy with React.js, what they teach in...

Marking a Milestone

I passed my first JavaScript evaluation!

I decided a month ago after DECADES of consideration to pursure the Engineering Immersion program at Thinkful. As I'm making my way through the prep...

Looking for ppl doing data analytics and/or who...

I am from Austin, Texas, and was wondering if I can get in touch with more people like me who are taking the path of data analytics and are thinking of choosing a Bootcamp to help them gain more...

Autistic women

I was considered weird when I was growing up. I had all of the signs of being autistic, but then it was seen as only a white male disorder. It took a long time for me to learn how to accept myself. I...

Depression and CK

I have severe depression, anxiety, amoung other things. Last year I got into CK and was welcomed with open arms. I was going to start a bootcamp when my depression got really bad. I had to drop out....

Reignigted!! Found a place for me.

Through this process it's become clear coding,  hacking, and tech sales is not for me. I have been feeling discouraged. All is not lost since there are so many roles in the tech industry. Currently...

I guess this is where it ends

Despite getting accepted into Flatiron after my first interview, I get to watch my dreams crash and burn. I was denied for the ISA and Iy have no other way to pay for the bootcamp. My family fought...

When is the best time to plant a tree? (days...

“When is the best time to plant a tree?”
Uhhhh, I don’t know.
“Twenty years ago.”
Definitely a fair point.
“When is the second best time to plant a tree?”
Again, I don’t know.

I Got Accepted...

So today I received my phone call that I got accepted to Kenzie Academy. So the next step is a phone interview and we will go over payment options and I received my acceptance letter too. Don't give...

Update on Kenzie Academy...

Aloha everyone,

As some of you know I got accepted into Kenzie Academy and I still had to discuss payment with them. So I went through the interview and then the process to sign up and try to...

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