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Some of the world's greatest stories never reach fine print. They're living, breathing, and walking the earth as you read this. The stories are gradually unfolding, the chapters are constantly added to, the wisdom and lessons learned are invaluable, and the authors are in complete control of deciding how it ends. Share your story, connect over shared experiences, and learn from others.
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Coding and Everyday Life

“What do I need programming for? I’m not a developer.” The most common statement we’ve been hearing. So, what is coding used for in everyday life?

Career Karma created this guide to show you how...

Graduation 👩‍🎓

Today is graduation day for my cohort at Kenzie Academy. It’s been a long road. Thank you to all who have been instrumental in getting me to this point. Also thank you to CK for introducing me to...

Looking for study partner

I have successfully created and installed my first app to my Android phone.
I am teaching myself C# and have tested proficient. I am looking for other people near Olathe KS that would like to study...

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Rukshan Uddin
5 months ago
in Add a chapter

What happens after graduation?

I finished my cohort at Flatiron School on 8/6/20.

Something that I feel isn't stressed enough is the importance of LinkedIn. I've spent a lot of time on there to network and it paid off.

As soon...

Got my first job!

Well, that was quick, I got a job as a front-end react.js developer a week and a half ago and it’s going really well, in this past week I have improved like crazy with React.js, what they teach in...

Starting over, at 53 years young.

This is a fairly long summary of my life... I'm just cutting and pasting from two other posts here at Career Karma... since it is common practice in coding to save and reuse code snippets, rather...

Almost there!

Just want to share my happiness that I got accepted in one of the schools I applied to and it feels so good! Although I'm still waiting on my tech interviews for the other bootcamps, right now i'm...


Anyone here good with HTML, this is one of those quirky excercises in Freecodeacademy. There is some small thing they want to see and I'm missing it. have done this from scratch litereally over 10...

Finishing Flatiron 🎓

Catching Up (Mod 3-4):
If you're viewing this from my profile, it will look weird as Flatiron has five phases or mods (3 weeks each)...and I only wrote on 1 and 2. Well, bootcamp got intense! After...

Ethical Hacking Training for Cybersec

Anyone who is interested in Cybersec/Ethical Hacking, here are some resources for practice:


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