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What Is The Average Salary For a UX Designer?

I get asked this fairly often from people that I’ve coached who are interested in pursuing a career as a UX designer. From what I gathered, the average salary for a UX designer for someone with 1-4...

Part time to Full Time

I am slated to begin my full time online software engineering immersive in May. I was offered a temporary job today with my local department of labor (may open a chance to network with...

What Should A Full-Stack Developer Know?

As you’re navigating a possible career in tech and web development, you’ve probably seen the term “full stack”. You might learn that full stack means frontend and backend or a developer who works on...

Is Nucamp Bootcamp Worth It?

Nucamp Bootcamp is a bootcamp that has many campuses across the US. After I enrolled at Flatiron, I found out that there was a Nucamp Bootcamp in my town. I did some more research into their programs...

Can I get help with some JavaScript?

Is there a coach here that might be able to help me with key value pairs? I would be so grateful!!!

What BootCamp is best for part time?

I have a job in Retail with a schedule that is not the same every week, I’m looking for a Bootcamp that can fit in my daily schedules, I don’t want to do self space. 

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Haja C
6 months ago
in Ask a Coach

What are some study resources for UI/UX design...

User Interface and User Experience Design are hot career paths with anticipated high demand.  Some members have requested online resources to begin looking into these exciting fields.  If you are...

UI, UX or both

I love love love design. The tech world seems so split about the UI/UX combo. What is everyone's take on that.
As I said my passion is design. I love creating beautiful things.

How much does Flatiron cost?

Hello, I'm Craig Wadding a Career Karma Coach and an online Software Engineering student at Flatiron School.  Coaches are here to help you form a road map and get you started breaking into tech. ...

Coaching events

Hello all. I was wondering if all the coaching events are held at night? I work in the evenings and am not available for any of them at the moment 

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