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Cloud Software development

Hello everybody!
Opening a discussion to those who know about software development using cloud.
After 7 months of teaching myself using App Academy Open I realized I need a community/ help. So I...

Requesting a mentor for a advice on a hack thats...

Hey everyone, unfortunately this issue Ive been dealing with is the bane of my existence. Forensic Firms aside, i’ve done and gone everywhere and 4 years later i’ve been let-go from two great paying...

Working remotely

Is coding a career that allows a person to work remotely permanently? If so, are there restrictions to working while living internationally if your employer is U.S based?

ISA for non US citizens

Hi, I am interested in a career paths in tech, and I don't have enough money to invest upfront on a program, so i've been looking for bootcamps that offers ISA, but so far a lot of them are only...

Question: Need Advice (Thanks in Advance)

Question: Does anyone know anything about Edureka? Is it reputable or worth the investment?

Lost. Looking for a mentor

I was on this app last year then my phone broke and I totally forgot about it as I went through major changes during a merger. I am a certified scrum product owner and certified scrum master. I want...

What coding language did you first learn? Which one did you wish you started w/?

I've heard from some that learning HTML and CSS is one of the best ways to get started with coding. Others wished they started with Python - instead of JavaScript or etc. - when learning the core...

I have a question/concern about bootcamps

I am currently enrolled in a bootcamp.  I Before I enrolled I did my research and asked several questions about it being geared toward absolute beginners.  I was assured that it was.  I have been...

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Haja C
1 year ago
in Ask a Coach

What’s the most important thing you can do for...

I’m a Career Karma Coach attending an online bootcamp for Software Engineering.  I believe the most important thing you can do for your mental health is: R-E-S-T.  This is one of those unbelievably...

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Haja C
1 year ago
in Ask a Coach

What are text editors and IDE’s and what are the...

There are a multitude of programming languages to code in and each must be translated by the computer in order to work. The framework where you are building and testing your software is called the...

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