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New to Career Karma? Introduce yourself here! Our community members look forward to meeting you.
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Hey all! Greetings from Boston

Hi. I'm Naomi. I'm currently doing prep work for software engineering and feeling very excited Ive started the journey. Shout out to @Luchie Labajo for the nudge :-)

Hey Hi Hello!

Hello Everyone!
I'm Rott, I'm from the Chicago burbs, and this is day 2 for me here. I guess this journey started because of quarantine and realizing more that there are people working behind the...

Greeting From The Carolinas

I’m Tyrese I’m exciting in learning all the adventures of the tech industry. I’m currently enroll full time at North Carolina A&T state University looking to complete my B.S. in chemical engineering....


Hi I'm Ramona, I want to learn to be a coder. All of this is so confusing though. I'm a little lost.

Glad to be here!

Happy to be added to the beta test!

The New Guy...😎

Hello all. New here,,,so many things to read! Where do i start!? 

I just turned 30 wondering too late to switch careers and learn as an adult

It's never ever too late to learn a new skill! It doesn't matter if you just turned 30 or 60 or 100! As long as you know it's something you're interested in doing, go for it! Maitaining a student...

I’m the new guy

Hello! I’m Harold. I am starting this journey and would love to meet people that are starting as well and/or professional connections.

Starting My Coding Journey

I've spent most of my life as a pro audio engineer and am making the career transition into coding at age 37. For a few months I have been self learning and trying to build a basic coding foundation....


Hi everyone I am Josh, I may have missed doing this when I first joined the group.....I am currently working in Financial Services and a portion of my job is working with UIPath.....in addition I...

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