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Coronavirus Job Help

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This is a forum to share job search advice, job listings and any other resources with those who are impacted by COVID-19! We’re stronger together!
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"Getting you back on the right path" ⭐ Flockjay...

A Career Karma review by Amethyst Thomas, Flockjay Graduate
 Flockjay is a 10-week tech sales training bootcamp that has helped hundreds of folks break into tech.

"Sometimes after investing so much...

Free Online Resources and Activities for Kids

Hello CK Community, 

Many of you have kids at home and it may be tricky to work, apply for jobs, code etc with the constant worry that your kids may not have things to do. I compiled a list below of...

App Academy Free Course

I've got some programming and alot of configuration experience like Cisco and Command Line, scripts, etc. Since App Academy has a truly at your own pace program (App Acadmey Open)...

From COVID Unemployment to Hired Sales Rep

Still struggling with the career impact of COVID? I'm Gabby, I work at Flockjay, a 10-week tech sales bootcamp, and I wanted to stop by this discussion forum to share a story about one of our...

Global IT Trends

Gartner named the main IT trends in 2021. Also, to stay in touch with the latest news and updates of web and mobile app development recommend you to read this blog...

How to stay motivated as a student during COVID

Came across this University of Michigan article (not an endorcement) just thought it has some good points on how to stay motivated! 

Check it out here:...

Free access - educational event, WEBCON 2020...

Register free asap here before it runs out or on

Some tracks we offer:

How to make money during COVID?

So this is not exactly a job… but it is one way to invest in yourself and make $1500 a month! 

Living Stipends!

Living Stipends are $1500 per month x 5 months stipends that bootcamps like THINKFUL...

For Ruby/Rails Folk

Podia is hiring

Help businesses w/ content strategy during COVID

These ideas are timeless... but when COVID first hit - it became obvious that the web presence of most of our local businesses wasn't helping. It's more important than ever to keep that content clear...

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