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Data Science vs Data Engineer

Hello everyone!  I'm interested in moving into data science or big data engineering.  Does anyone know what the best bootcamps/courses are for big data?  Any recommendations or familiarity with data...

Calling all Data Science enthusiasts!

In 2012, the Harvard Business Review dubbed the role of a data scientist as the “sexiest job of the 21st Century”. In the years that followed, the clamor for data scientists has grown at a tremendous...

How to Prepare for a Data Science Bootcamp

Data science is a huge field, and knowing how to prepare for a Data Science bootcamp would help you jump start your journey. For those who are about to start their Data Science bootcamp, here's an...

Interest in data management

Hello everyone! My name is Israa, I’m interested in data management, usually in library setting, but I’m open to any company. I have experience with coding (iapoetry.com) but would like to learn more...

Zero Cost Data Skills

Unfortunately after a lot of consideration, I've determined that a formal bootcamp isn't a financially sound option for me at this time. 

However, I've gathered a ton of free resources that I'll...

SQL learning...


Schools that don't require a bachelor's degree

Hello, I'm in my school search and looking at Data Science and Analytics bootcamps. I have an associates degree but see that many schools require a bachelor's for Data Science. So far I've found...

Just did the online Assessment for Flatiron's...

The website didn't issue a "result" of passing / not passing ... just said someone will be in contact within 48h...

Do You Need a Master’s Degree in Data Science?

Data science is consistently proven to be one of the trendiest fields in the industry year after year. So, what does it take to be a data scientist? A master’s degree in data science sounds idyllic,...

Ideas for DS Projects:

For the Data Science folk here:


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