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This space is for the community to share some of their favorite memes, GIFs, music, movies, videos, articles, podcast, books, and other forms of content that helps them get through the day. Connect with others that have shared interests and explore new awesome content.
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Data Science and Pop Culture: Where Your People...

Data Science is used to determine how one’s DNA matches the DNA from people in different parts of the world.

The answers vary, as you might expect, based on the size of the DNA dataset that is being...

Jay Electronica Dropped An Album: A Written...

I've been waiting 10+ years for this album and I've been playing it back to back since we got it

My favorite tracks are A.P.I.D.T.A., Fruit of the Spirit, The Blinding, Universal Soldier, and The...

What’s the greatest anime of all time?

Attack on Titan tells one of the best stories on the meaning of life and what you're fighting for that I have ever seen

My favorites so far:

Attack on Titan
Rising of the Shield Hero
My Hero...


When entry level jobs be like .. thousands of years of experience required

The Force is strong with CK!!!

I know most of us were called here by the force and the force in us is strong especially with the people in this community. 

I have been so busy lately that I have not been able to communicate or...

For both fun and learning new skills check out...

Need entertainment and a distraction from everyday news? Listen to our Hello Career Guru Salon Podcast series for inspiration to jump-start your job search and career. You can experience the podcast...

What Are You Listening To.....

could be anything that you love, code to, what you grew up with....ect....

Crisis Planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Simple as that.

why not add another 'R' to the elementary school...

Because we all know Reading, Riding and Rithmatic are 3/4 sketchy at best here at the "school for the bodaciously brilliant" i mean why not the basics of C or R, maybe Linux even python who knows...

Awesome mousepad!!

Just thought I’d share this..

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