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A place for you to meet current students and people applying to Flatiron School. This is a student curated discussions of top advice, resources and tutorials!
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Officially a Graduate!

Yesterday I completed the final requirements for Flatiron School's Full Time Online Software Engineering Bootcamp. This has been a grueling 5 months but well worth all the time, effort, and sacrifice...

Starting December 7 with Flatiron School Software...

Guys I’m trying to create a group study for those starting wit Flatiron School, December 7 Software Engineering Part time. Hit me up if there is anybody starting that day so we can heal each other...

Accepted in to Flatiron's Cyber Security...

The week is starting off strong and positive!  First call of the day was from Ash from Flatiron.  She called to let me know that I have formally been accepted into the program.  I am looking forward...

Technical Review Completed

Had my Technical Review with John Bermudez from Flatiron School today.  It was scheduled to be a 30 minute interview, and went closer to 50 minutes.  It went longer than scheduled, not because it was...

Long Time No See or Post 🤔

I wanted to take a few minutes to share my experiences going back to school as a 58 year old grandmother.

My first bit of advice...

Do any and all the free work you can find!!!!
Do not rush into...


Guys it happened🙌🏿🙌🏿

Just got my confirmation email, I made it into flatiron! Man I'm so excited! Now the hard part starts😂.

Want to thank everyone for all the support and preparation for...


I am so excited. I got accepted into Flatiron school. Was overwhelmed but Always focused. Glad it payed off. Now we're on the road 

Data Science Prep Course

Hi Everyone!

Currently working on the data science prep course for Flatiron. I'm stuck on the intro to derivatives lab. Not sure what I should do here to get my functions to return a an output as...


I seen a video earlier today from CK with Melvin Salvador & Alice Shin talking about sharing your story and networking. I did take some notes but, It was suggested to me that I get in touch with...

First Interview done!

Had my first interview today with Ash from FlatIron.  It was a productive meeting and I am grateful for the time I was given and the information that was provided!  Looking forward to my technical...

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