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This is a space for all questions, resources and discussions for all things related to General Assembly for aspiring/current students, alumni, and staff.
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Application Rejected?

I’ve applied for General Assembly Software Engineer full time. I still haven’t receive any response, message, phone call or email. 

What should I do to prepare for General Assembly's Software Engineering course?

I agree with Andrew and Daniel's responses. I graduated from General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive program in Nov. 2020 and I did not do anything to prepare for the program. Like Andrew...


Hi I wanted to post this article. I am getting ready to start springboard but then I saw this article and it’s making me want to change to general assembly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Please help

I just made a rookie mistake. I'm working in CodePen on an assessment for General Assembly. And one of the instructions was for me to refresh my browser. Autosave is active in CodePen yes when I...

Q&A w/ General Assembly Grad, Data Analyst...

Register here: https://calendly.com/career-karma/ck-live-michael-bekoe

Scott Draper was attending college in the Fall of 2019 but dropped out due to a family emergency. He began the Software...

Q&A w/ General Assembly Grad, How to Land The...

Register here: https://calendly.com/career-karma/ck-live-tori-torres?month=2021-04

Michael Bekoe graduated college a bit lost. He thought of pursuing a career within his Political Science degree,...

Hit Play With General Assembly: A Free Tech...

The school recently rolled out Hit Play, a new tech conference series that tackles multiple facets of the industry. All of the live events and workshops under this series are also free, leaving...

How a General Assembly grad became an Engineering...

Register here: https://calendly.com/melvinsalvador/ck-live-hunter-wallen?month=2021-04

Hunter Wallen is a General Assembly grad, former chef and construction assistant, and current General...

The Real work begins

I start My software engineering immersive class next week. Wish me luck guys.

What should I do to prepare for General Assembly's Software Engineering course?

Attempt to teach yourself Javascript. Learn as much as you can about basic programming logic if/else conditionals and loops. Having a basic grasp of programming logic will save you a lot of time in...

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