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This space is intended to be a resource for people who are curious about finding their dream job and want to learn more about becoming a world-class job hunter. Topics include, but are not limited to, networking, interviewing, crafting an effective portfolio/resume/cover letter, negotiating and personal branding.
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Promise of Bootcamp = 1st Job Offer !?

I was doing my lunch meditation at the beach today and got offered a job! ((What???!!!)) 

After the IT Director looked at my resume, learned I was in Career Karma, and actively applying to bootcamps...

Bootcamp certificate without a degree

I've read quite a few posts of people not able to land a job because they do not have a degree. Anyone out there have a success story of getting a good job with just a bootcamp certificate and a...

Looking for a job opportunity

Hello everyone, My name is Deepali Mane, and I am a fresher with an internship. I have completed intensive 8 months of Front End Web Development training with some good real-world projects build...

Meetup goals

Good morning everyone 
Happy Saturday 
My goal for next week is to try to go or join a few web development, full-stack development, networking on meetups. I always procrastinate on going to a...

Google Developer signed up

my search for certification and job lead me to learn how to create apps and to sign up for the Google Developer form, I will be using my knowledge to help others grow and to look for a job and...

Marketing technology manager

Tomorrow I have a phone interview for the marketing technology manager role at the concern worldwide. I can't believe I applied for a manager. Not to second guess me, but I think positive and leave...

Today i had three interviews

Wow, thank you, Jehovah, for answering my prayers. Today I had two phone interviews and one LinkedIn email. The first interview is for wed content admin for the Hudson river park; for the second...

Jobs after bootcamp

I am sure this question has come up before, but how do you get a job out of a coding bootcamp? I am currently enrolled in SheCodes and it has been going great! I think this is a great feild that I...

Should you take a low paying job for experince


Data Science Job

Hi guys, My name is Bill...I'm currently looking for an entry level job in the field of data science.. I am well versed in machine learning models, data analytics and visualizations using tableau......

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