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This is a space for all questions, resources and discussions for all things related to Kenzie Academy for aspiring/current students, alumni, and staff.
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October Events with Kenzie Academy!

Future Thought Leader in Tech?

The Kenzie team is taking various deep dives into UX Design topics that are coming from thought leaders in tech!

UX Design Critique of YouTube

Does Kenzie Academy have a part-time program?

@Nikia Haqq is correct! Our UX Design program is now part time two evenings a week and nine Saturdays over a 6 month time frame. Join us!

UX + Software Engineering = Serious Potential...

“My favorite memories all come from the people I met along the way,” Marcel said. “Kind and intelligent people made my experience at Kenzie even more enjoyable than imagined. I’m happy to have made a...

Week 2 @ Kenzie Academy & I already almost felt...

Almost gave up becuase I started trailing behind my peers @ Kenzie and I’m only in my third week. Luckily the support & motivation that I got from my peers and also the instructors were highly...

Thank You Career Karma and Kenzie Academy

Aloha everyone!

First and foremost I want to thank Career Karma and Kenzie Academy for this beautiful MacBook Air I received. Without this i wouldn't have the opportunity to continue my education to...

Front-end Developer?!


I’m halfway through my full-stack track at Kenzie Academy and I’m happy to celebrate getting my front-end web dev certificate. 

It feels good to...

Sorry for going M.I.A Kenzie Quarter 2

Sorry for not keeping you informed on my kenzie Academy journey but I had to catch up on some work but I can now say I officially have started my second quarter at Kenzie Academy Software Engineering...

Join the celebration!

Join us in celebrating all of the amazing Black professionals in our industry with this list of 10 Black tech leaders to watch in 2021.

Designing Your Resume for UX...

Check this out! Use these data-backed UX design resume tips to make sure your resume stands out against the competition and tells your story to recruiters.

Starting salary out of Kenzie

What is your starting salary out of Kenzie? I saw Career Karma ranking software engineering 0-1 years at 90-100ish but talk to a lot of people saying they're starting at 40-50k?

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