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This is a space for all questions, resources and discussions for all things related to Kenzie Academy for aspiring/current students, alumni, and staff.
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Kenzie Prep Course

Studying this last couple weeks has allowed me to review a couple different course programs. One of them being the Kenzie prep course. 

Kenzie offers a free introductory course to javascript, html...

TONIGHT! Why Facial Recognition in Tech Isn't...

Join UX thought leader Wendy Pei(they/them) at 6pm ET.
We will dive into the subject of Why Facial Recognition in Tech isn't Inclusive. Register now!


phone interview

Hi all, I have a phone interview with Kenzie Academy in about an hour.  Does anyone have any advice that could help?

Accepted into Kenzie Academy

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie. I have had this app for a little while now but just became active. I was accepted into Kenzie a few days ago for the October Cohort. I am super excited to start...

TONIGHT! Free! 6pm EST. Building Your UX...

Thinking about UX Design? Join Kenzie Academy tonight!
Link below :) 

Alumni Panel coming up tomorrow...

Kenzie UX Engineering Student

How far along in the process am I:
I completed the UX design portion which is 6 months then the Front end development starts in a week which is 6 months

-About me:
I’m from NYC, love to create...

Was attending Kenzie Academy worth it?

My apologies for responding so late, but I was deep in the final quarter of the curriculum, so my sole focus was graduation. ABSOLUTELY YES! Many people, myself included, may have a few items of...

How successful is Kenzie Academy at job placement?

I'm really curious to know the success rate of Kenzie's job placements. Anyone here have an idea?

First day of Bootcamp

Short first day but we got to speak with the CEO of the Kenzie. It was really motivating as an immigrant hearing his story. He is an immigrant from Malaysia who came to the US for school. He said “We...

Do you recommend I attend Kenzie Academy’s webinars?

Absolutely, if Kenzie academy offers webinars, jump on the opportunity. For sure they will be informational in some capacity.

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