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This is a space dedicated to all things related to mindset, empowerment, motivation, etc. Post your best quotes, learnings, pieces of advice, content, etc that has gotten you through tough times.
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Pre-production to production work flow!

Found this article to be very helpful and was able to see how the workflow of development works. Worth the tread!...

Attitude of Gratitude

Thankfulness Is Next To Godliness:
I was actually really down again. But I attended a room in Clubhouse Earlier.. and the subject was about Gratitude. And the importance of it in our daily lives....

Women in Tech History

We need more women in the tech industry. 
Although, this is not a battle of dominance in the field of technology. It's just that, gender equality remains a major issue in the corporate world, and...

The 11 Messages That Woke Me Up

The answers to so many of my issues from 18-31 were to execute on working hard and applying patience.

The work from 31-33 doubled the work done from that younger me.

I spent the last couple of...

Cold Shoulder, Back Turned, What is What?

I felt Slighted, Ignored, Discombobulated..
Why Did I Feel This Way?
This was a Long time coming.

 I want to talk about how others can alter your way of thinking, actions, and even our belief...

Choose your mindset and office space!

If we can work/study long as we have a laptop and WIFI....why not have fun and relax while doing it!? 

What workspace gives you the most energy, clarity, and progress? (For me...the...

Stressed.. Confused. Discourage?

When it Rains.. It Pours
Where do I start? Do I speak on the stress of school, the outside conditions that are overwhelming themselves? Do I talk about things that are out of my control and what led...

Working as a Freelance Blockchain Developer

It’s official I’m not a beginner anymore. Haha, I finished TOP- sort of. I went off the rails because I needed to make a MERN stack app and I included Redux. >>>


New Beautiful and Bright Adventures!

Hey, hey CK friends! What a great day! This is the view from my kitchen window in Alaska (no moose this morning 😂)

A few weeks ago, I had a career change imposed upon me but chose to look at it as...

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2 days ago
in Mindset

Mindset Saturday

Hello everyone 😄 Just an update on Mindset Saturday. It seems that there might be technical difficulties with the live rooms right now, so I am unable to make a room. I am aware that I forgot to put...

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