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This is a space dedicated to all things related to mindset, empowerment, motivation, etc. Post your best quotes, learnings, pieces of advice, content, etc that has gotten you through tough times.
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Sometimes, the sign we pray for, is the voice within. We tend to doubt our own minds and believe the opinions of others. We believe our current situations are roadblocks.. We think we have to second...

imposter syndrome 🤯

All my life I deal with imposter syndrome even as of now. During my time in school I’ve constantly been overwhelmed and discouraged when I can’t understand something no matter how many times I go...

Protect your dreams!

Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the prize!  Just remember your “why” protect your dreams!  Yes I put my shirt on backwards to get this picture, lol! I know even though we’re all going through...

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4 months ago
in Mindset

Had to put this project on hold

Had to put this wonderful project on hold, because I have trainings and several projects I’m working on at work.

Too stressful for me. 

If you faced the same challenges, please don’t hesitate to...

Trying to return

Hey everyone! So, I started using career karma back in August and applied to schools around September I believe but suffered through heavy imposter syndrome and just in general lost the confidence in...

❗️6 Month Into Flairon Bootcamp Where have I been?

Hello, my CK Family. So where do I start let me get my head straight? I have been six months today since I started my journey at Flatiron School to become a Software Engineer. I'm enrolled in the...

Help, concerned that chronic illness will...

I’m starting a bootcamp soon and I suffer from IBD, I’m concerned that this condition will distract me from the studies and put me behind in class. Anybody with chronic illness who’s studying or has...

Setbacks are worth it

Some days I feel overwhelmed with everything. Self-doubt slowly creeps on me and makes me question everything. Did I make the right decision to leave a stable career to a new career? Was I right to...

Bleeding Data Science

Mastery of a subject is quintessential to happiness. The computer scientist Cal Newport makes an excellent case in his book, "So Good They Can't Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for...

21 day challenge Completed 🤟🏽💪🏼👁

I just completed my 21 day challenge!! Very excited 😆 

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