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A discussion for moms who are in tech or are breaking in!
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I'm hopelessly GenX and hate where my career has ...

I live to entertain but taken a wrong turn and ended up in Jr project management. This is the most hateful and soul-killing experience possible as I have zero executive functioning skills and it's...

Single mom needing career change

Hello everyone, I am a single mommy, no family no support system, yet super motivated. I signed up for a coding class on udemy, and am trying to manifest html right now, but my real dream is UI...


I’m super motivated but so busy being a mom, how do I actually begin?

Keep Going

Crazy thing about my journey into coding, is the fact my daughter actually brought it up to me. She has a interest in it as well(she’s 9,) however upon research I stumbled across the CKapp, and then...

How do you explain coding to the little ones?

I tell my kid that mommy is trying to learn how to tell the computer do what mommy wants! How about you?

Trying to get started with Springboard, please...

I am trying to get started with Springboard, and I'm attempting to do this in conjunction with my current path of obtaining my Master's in Software Development. I'm desperate to not lose any of the...

Better tomorrow's

Trying the best I can, for a better future. 

Best online coding program with little to no...

Hi, I have been searching all over the internet to find a coding program I can take to get a career in coding within the year. I don’t have a bunch of money as I am a stay-at-home mother of two small...

What are some tips for moms learning to code?

I'm a stay at home mom and managing the house and catering to my kids is taking up my time everyday but I really want to get the time to learn coding and get this possible career opportunity in tech....

Full Time Bootcamp with Children

Are there any moms in here who have successfully gone through a Full time Bootcamp with young children at home? How hard was it for you?

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