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Nucamp built a flexible and affordable program that teaches you how to build applications. Connect on here with their students and others considering their program.
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Beginner. Which one to choose?

Hi everyone!

I’m a beginner (although have works with I.T. Before) and I’m ready to enroll on Nucamp. My main goal is software development. Being a beginner do I really have to start from the...

The Key to my Next Journey

Hey all, I'm Dany and I use they/them pronouns. This year has been a devastating one. I became sick this spring during the covid-19 pandemic and I am experiencing long term negative health effects. I...

Udemy and nucamp

Hi everyone 
I have a question is it acceptable to work on the udemy course while working on the nucamp course or it best to focus on one thing at a time 

reviving my twitter

this app has inspired me to dust off my old twitter I used for a work project. i'll be documenting my transition into tech! follow me if you'd like @rageofcups 😊

Highly recommend Nucamp!

I chose Nucamp because I wanted a more structured environment to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I had tried using free sites, but quickly got overwhelmed. My Nucamp instructor was great - she was...

My first bootcamp!

I just registered for the Backend, SQL, and DevOps with Python bootcamp. I can't wait to get started! I've done online courses before, and they have been okay. I like the idea of doing this bootcamp...

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4 months ago
in Nucamp

Warrior Rising-Nucamp Scholarship - Approved!!!

Hey everyone, just had to share the good news! I've been approved for one of the Warrior Rising Scholarships with Nucamp. The scholarship is for Vterans and Active Duty Personnel. 

They offer three...

Serious Q!

I’d love to know who has actually gotten a job following their Nucamp experience?

25% OFF Black Friday Deal is Live - Only 10...

Hello everyone, we sent a 25% OFF Black Friday code to our mailing list yesterday and wow, it's going fast.
There are 10 coupons left (out of 50, as of 11/26 7:05 AM Pacific Time) on this code...

2 bootcamps, 1 payment plan, 0 hassle

Hey CK+Nucamp Fam,

I wanted to share the good news with you: you can now finance 2 bootcamps into a single payment plan when you register for both the Web Development Fundamentals and Full Stack...

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