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Post your portfolios and other projects you’ve worked on for feedback and inspiration. If you had major takeaways on certain projects, this would be a great space to think through how you’d explain it to potential employers, so please share!
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This project helped these students get jobs at...


Turf is a web application that helps you move into any new area by giving you the data you need about its neighborhoods. Get information on commute time...

Let's go to the future PMI-ACP Certification...

By looking at the global markets and industries, you will be astounded to find that, Agile is the widely used practice in the field of Project Management. Top-notch companies like Apple, IBM, and...

Delicious Design 😋



Black lives matter

Recommended Technologies to start building...

JavaScript is good to know. But as long as you’re learning HTML & CSS in a few weeks you can literally have a personal web page up online. 

Anyone wants to be part of a squad to build their first...

Coding Project

Im planning on creating a game for my portfolio that involves HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Anyone have any hints, tips, or tricks?

My portfolio

Please take a look at my portfolio below and let me know what you think! It's nothing too special, but all feedback is welcomed and encouraged!


Flatiron Data Science Capstone


After 13 months in the program, I finally finished my capstone project. Looking for feedback...thanks!



Hey everyone, still enrolled in app academy and got a few months before I graduate.

Just wanted to hop on here and say if there’s anyone out there who wants to connect on LinkedIn all I’m all for 😄...

I Can’t Breathe

Black software engineers, how are you using your skills for The Movement? How would you want to use your skills? Can we team up?

The software development lifecycle doesn’t jive w/ the immediacy &...

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