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Reskill America

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Career Karma is raising $500,000 and giving away 5,000+ laptops to those from underserved communities that have been impacted by COVID-19 and want to reskill to land jobs in tech. If this sounds like you and you don’t currently own a personal laptop, submit your preliminary application here: We’ll have plenty of laptops to give out, so please share the campaign and GoFundMe to family, friends, and (current or former)...
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Laptop give away

My name is Patrick Jeffery and I have been work or at least playlong with computers/ games ever since I was about 6 and I've wanted to be a game developer for about 6 years now and it have spark even...

Thank you Reskill America and Career Karma!!!

I just received the amazing news that I have qualified to receive a free laptop from Reskill America and Career Karma! Although this has been the most difficult 3 year stretch of my life, I can...

So thankful and Excited to begin my new journey!

What brought me to Career Karma? How have I been impacted by COVID? What a laptop would allow you to accomplish? 
 When I was employeed at Fidelity Investments I experienced a significant amount of...

What brought us together

I was running my own repair business for the past 2-3 years. Things were going fine up until the pandemic hit along with international China/U.S. trade embargoes, sanctions, and tax levies on product...

Evan completing the reskill America next steps!

Greetings! I was referred to Career Karma through one of my classmates at New Horizons, who thankfully shared this resource with me. Earlier this year I traveled to the Pacific Southwest (I live in...

Career Change

I am Sarai Sanchez, a Latina wife and a mother of 2 striving to provide for our family. We currenly reside in GA. My husband is self-employed but do to COVID-19 his business has been impacted. I had...

Need A New Laptop Stat!!

Laptop Keeps Crashing
So I am already apart of Reskill America ..and I am finished with My Journey next month. Unfortunately my Laptop is now crashing often and I am unable to continue coding and do...

21 day completed can't find my original post for...

Well last night I completed my 21 day challenge, last week signed my enrollment papper. Start bootcamp here on the 26 of april. !!! So excited and looking forward to my new career and what life has...

And away we go~!

My name is C, given name Courtney, but I prefer C (Pronounced Sea). My story is the normal tale of Midwestern grit - I am a disabled mother of two boys, working part time to try to keep us above...

Better things

I was introduced to this program while trying to fix my credit due to covid my business failed right when I was just getting it started my husband passed away last year late July and now it's just me...

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