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This is a space for all questions, resources and discussions for all things related to Springboard for aspiring/current students, alumni, and staff.
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Let the games begin.

Starting the curriculum right now for Springboard . Lets see how this goes.

Springboard is offering free prep courses

If you have been wanting to try out one of Springboard's prep courses for data science or software engineering or our newest Introduction to Design course, comment WHY you want to take the course...

Springboard: What Makes Them Stand Out?

With the bootcamp wars well and truly on, a small number of bootcamps have come out ahead, proving themselves winners with both students and employers alike. Among the industry leaders...

Conditionally Accepted to Springboard

Just got off the phone with an admissions officer from springboard, he has accepted me for my behavioural evaluation, now I Just have to do the techincal .

My experience Applying

My journey started 10 days ago when i found CK and enroll in the fast track, i found Springboard and other bootcamps. After talking and applying to other bootcamps i realized that Springboard is a...

Springboard Software Engineering Bootcamp

Update: I'm about six weeks into the bootcamp, and I'm really happy with my choice.  I could list all the positives, but the main one is that Colt Steele made every instructional video, so if you are...

Springboard's Cyber Week Offer

Springboard is offering a Cyber Week special you won't want to miss! Sign up using the link below to be the first to know when we reveal our Cyber Week deal next week:...

Free Springboard Prep Course


This is for real.  I just received my link. ...

Anyone else doing Springboard bootcamp through...

I recently enrolled in a Springboard UI/UX Design bootcamp that is being run through University of New Hampshire (where I live) because that's how I found out about it (it comes with a certification...

“A Robin Redbreast in a Cage Puts all Heaven in a...

Six weeks ago someone off the cuff asked me if I would make use of my quick study nature and build them a database and maintain the server.  Jump forward to the present and here I am, completely...

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