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A good squad is hard to come by. But when you can craft one, it's an invaluable resource as a support system. What are the secret ingredients for developing an effective squad? What do you love about the squad you’re in? What’s your squad all about? Let's talk.
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Any other creatives out there?

Hey CK fam! I am wondering if there are any right-brainers here in the community who love art as much as I do? I've been wanting to start my own squad for a while now thats dedicated to art, design,...

Nurse squad

Any other Nurses out there?
There is a new squad available for Nurses who are transitioning to tech. So if you are interested in sharing your journey with other Nurses come on over to Nurse 2 Coder...

Hey ! How’s everyone’s experience so far ??!!

What are you working on ?

What Squad(s) have you connected w ?

Any coding experience before finding Career Karma ?

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6 months ago
in Squads

Practicum by Yandex Bootcamp

Has anyone heard of the Practicum bootcamp run by Yandex? It’s suppose to be beginner friendly and only 1000$. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it’s curriculum before I joined?

Job Search - Get Hired

This is a squad created by David Harris and me to help people on Career Karma find jobs. 

We always say that the fastest way into tech is by taking the back door. 

However, most people have no idea...

Los Angeles Area (North Hollywood)

Hello, my name is Erick I am learning to become a Full Stack Developer. I am still in the beginning stages of learning although I am not attending a Bootcamp yet. But, I would like to make some new...

MomsWhoCode Squad

MomsWhoCode is a group of mother's coming together to push each other forward into our dreams. 


Attention all Bottega attendees!

I made a squad!

I noticed that there are more people joining Bottega or considering Bottega, but there isn’t much on here in the way of categorizing us!

If you’d like to join, here’s the link:...


Can’t stop counting numbers. What’s wrong wit me 

I Want To Follow You On Twitter

Please drop your links or Twitter handles on this post so I (and others) can follow you.

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