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$2 million in COVID19 Scholarships from Springboard, Thinkful and Flatiron

Hey fam, I wanted to share a list of Scholarships (Over $2million in total value) and free courses to help you get started. We all know this is a tough time. A number of bootcamps are now offering COVID-19 Scholarships and I wanted to make sure you were aware: 1. Springboard is offering a $3000-$4000 scholarship to 10 students per month. (in total $500k in Scholarships) Also, if you present proof that you got financially impacted by COVID19 you will get access to their $500 6-week prep course in Data Science or Software Engineering. (Comes with a personal mentor.) Apply for Springboard's Scholarship here: In case you needed a laptop, Springboard & Career Karma are jointly doing a giveaway of 2 Macbooks for people who are starting Springboard: 2. Flatiron School is offering up to $3000 per Scholarship (35-50 students every month will receive it) Apply for Flatirons Access scholarship here: 3. Thinkful is offering 50 people from Career Karma a $4000 Scholarship. Fill out your FastTrack and apply to qualify. (If you speak to these schools please make sure they know you came from Career Karma)
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