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Pam Punzalan - Illustrisimo
Created 1 year ago
Hi Ching, I'm one of the Community Moderators in Ck. Have you started doing any prepcourses for UX/UI yet?
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Vee Rama
Created 1 year ago
I hope you can get your laptop, Ching. Yes, I totally agree with you that ux/ui design is the future. I am also taking UX/UI design now. Have you explored any bootcamps yet?
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Derek Wood
Created 1 year ago
"I believe that architecture and UX/UI are the future.... More than ever, our human needs become more complex and intricate, and it requires expertise in understanding human experiences to design the most effective product to serve the world.... During this political climate, many communities of color are left out of the conversations about accessibility. It is so important that architects and UX/UI collaborate in this process..."

You are correct. But "UX" can't really be taught properly without learning the tools that we build with. The idea of "creatives" and "coders" - is what allows the system to stay broken.

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