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Career Karma just raised $10 Million Series A!

CK Fam, for a few weeks now I've been waiting to share this news with our Career Karma community!

@Ruben Harris, @Artur (Founder of CK), and I are so grateful to all of you for helping us build our amazing community.

This year has been really tough for all of us. Back in March when COVID-19 started and many companies were doing layoffs. We as founders had to make a lot of hard decisions and in some ways, it was a wake-up call that helped us get to where we are today.

At no point, we stopped believing in Karma. Instead of cutting down and doing less, we decided to do more!

That's why the first thing that the three of us did was launch Reskill America that to date has raised over $300k in our GoFundMe to provide laptops to those impacted by COVID. We've been able to give out hundreds of laptops to people who were left stranded without access to a computer and we're just scratching the surface of giving away 5000 laptops in the next year.

That's 5k people who wouldn't have been able to improve their financial standing without a machine.

That Karma came back to us this year!

Today we're proud to announce that we have raised $10 million dollars from investors!

This money will go towards executing our dream of helping 1 billion people. The dream of building a community that you all are part of and creating the largest platform where people are helping one another to navigate their toughest career decisions.

You can read more about the investment here and we're fortunate to have some incredible mission-driven investors such as Initialized, Kapor Capital, Emerson Collective, Softbank, Backstage Capital, and Imaginable Futures that believe in our mission of democratizing career advice.

For many of you, you've been with us from day one and have seen our community grow up.

We've always told you to Protect Your Dream!

All this time you have also been helping us building ours! Thank you all for that.

For Ruben, Artur, and I building Career Karma is our dream of creating a utopic future where your place of birth and your financial standing doesn't hold you back from a financially secure life. We believe that as long as you are determined and you're willing to put in the work we can help you go from the back door instead of taking the front door to break in!

Huge shout out to our early adopters and beta users who helped us create content, provide feedback, and host workshops.

Also, huge thanks to Career Karma's team that has built the infrastructure for our community, the technology, and the amazing content that helps power the learning.

This is just the beginning.