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Getting Started on Career Karma

Hi new joiners! I'm one of the founders of Career Karma and I wanted to share with you my advice on what to do next:

1. Make sure to fill out your FastTrack where you will get access to free prep courses, scholarships and matches from job training programs.

2. Signup for a Head Coaching Session with Ruben! He is my co-founder and he hosts one of the most engaging and motivational webinars DAILY!

3. Navigate to the Learn Tab on our Mobile app and browse through the challenge. (It takes less than 5 min a day to complete it but you really gain a lot.

4. Finally, introduce yourself and share what your goals are in your coaching groups, in squads and on Discussions. It's one of the best ways for our community to get to know you and help you.

Also, I would love for you to post any questions below in the comments!