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How To Manage A Project From Start To Finish

It is a difficult task to handle a project from start to finish because project management consists of various tasks. Generally, such difficulties occur as the result of a person does not have appropriate project management knowledge. In the other case, we have also seen various certified individuals who require experience despite having the appropriate credentials for it. Proper project management methodology requires project scope, critical path method, and project process. Everyone requires to understand project management factors even if you are not an expert project manager. It is beneficial to achieve your project goals more quickly as everyone works for making their “task” a considerable success. So in this article, we are going to discuss the best process to manage project management from start to finish.

Project Management Process

Every project can be different or complex, but most importantly, these projects follow a basic project management process. However, a basic project can include many project processes, and these processes vary due to the project type and industry type.
Project concept and beginning
The primary step in the project management process is understanding the project concepts and beginning influenced by your project plan. This “initiation” period may start by a piece of paper and pen for helping to draw your project idea as per the requirements. It is good to do proper research on the project, write down significant points and get permission from stakeholders. It is the step in which you develop a complete project charter for your project. The project charter is a document which you choose the overall project objective, team management and scope.
Project planning
In this step of the project process, you have to define the project plan and create a list of the needed work to be done in the project. The benefit of your project is essential in project planning. A better plan can result in a better project outcome. Expert project managers will advise you about the success of the project by analyzing the project planning. You will also have to determine the project scheduling, project budget and resource management in this stage of the project management. These details might vary during your project execution, but it is the best way to plan everything.
Execution and delivery of the project
It is a startup stage of the project, so you will execute the project by collecting all the needed resources at the beginning stage and focus on completing your selected tasks. At this particular stage, you need to handle the communication, quality, project deliverability and project team. It is better to arrange a project beginning meeting for helping you to set the project delivery speed. Throughout the meeting, you will be cooperating with your team and address the tasks handling, project timeline duties, and other changes.
Monitor and control project performance
At this stage, you have to make sure that process is going fine for you and assure that the project plan is followed accurately. It is continuously done during the timeline of the project from start to finish. It is beneficial to measure the project performance and to meet the results with the set objectives. You have to set the concerned project KPIs throughout the project planning stage, and require to control and monitor your actions for helping you to meet your desired objectives.
Project Evaluation and Closing
At this stage, you need to end the project after achieving all of the objectives. In case your project is built with appropriate ideas, then you have to go on to the next project. If you have not achieved the objectives, then you have to work on developing the results and completing your project objectives. On the project closing stage, you will decide the project delivery through the KPI indexes, whether all targets are achieved or not. The project will be assessed based on speed, accuracy, deliverability and quality. After the successful evaluation of the project, it is estimated good practice for learning regarding the competency of your project team. Moreover, you can determine how to work for obtaining better results in the next project.

Ten useful tips for managing a project from start to finish

Now, we will highlight the most useful tips for managing a project from start to finish like a professional:
Determine Project Scope
It is the primary step of the project that comes in the project initiation stage to begin your idea. In a project scope, you have to find out ways to achieve your project and mould your idea as a reality. You need to set the project aims and key points that are not covered in the scope. The best you can do is writing down everything necessary on the piece of paper or digital document. You need to think from a full-term view to see where you will be performing the project-related ideas soon. This particular step is done at the start of your project stage. While devising the project scope, then you must start with big and small aspects of your project. You can present your project scope by the CEO or other stakeholders and understand what comes up.
Understand and manage your timeline
Managing your project timeline is very critical because it is essential to understand that when your project is going to be complete? Or How much time you will require for each project? You will need to answer these questions in this step. So at the time of project plan creation, you should determine the time for every task along with the project. However, the project deadline is set, and usually, it does not alter.
Evaluate your available resources
Planning the available resource is beneficial for you to plan for starting the project. Evaluating the available human resource, investment, equipment and machinery is required to arrange any stage of your project execution. Still, you will not get direct control of your resources. Various people work better than others, so the result varies with the project to the project. As the project manager, you must manage all the weaknesses and risks in the project. Possibly it may be the appropriate time to try different risk management apps.
Create a complete project plan
It would help if you got feedback on all above steps like feedback on project scope, project timeline and resources available for helping you to create the project plan. A project plan covers your project schedule as well as task workflow, critical path, network diagram and resources.
Interact with your team
After getting the approval of the project plan, then you have to select your team for the meeting on a project and instruct them regarding the nitty-gritty. You can document the meeting minutes, specify meeting attendees or and set up the recurring meetings by the help of the meeting management tools. So various tools are available for you to obtain the best outcome possible.
Alternate Work According to the Available Resources
In case you are a team leader, business owner or project manager, then it does not mean that you need to perform all of the work on your own. So you need to establish the practice of assigning your work to the team so you can concentrate more on the monitoring and administration. You can try for delegating tasks to the team as per their skills sets or abilities.
You have to document everything
You can have a good memory, but it is essential to document everything regarding the project from start to finish so that you don't miss out any factors of the project. Whenever you perform any adjustment to the projects or a new demand is involved in the project execution, then you have to keep a record of such modifications. It is beneficial for you to review the project before reaching the final project delivery date.
Monitor the progress of project
After starting the project, you have to monitor the project process and all tasks, deliveries, teamwork and every aspect that can impact the project. You need to set KPIs through planned goals for matching the actual results to the planned results accordingly.
Use best Project Management tools
In case you want to take the project at the next level, then you can go for the project management tools. These tools are available in the market, and they are paid as well as free. These are all-in-one tools which have the richest features completing all your project requirements. The best thing about these tools is that they can provide various benefits to your projects from start to finish. You can prepare tasks, collaborate, to-do list items, generate Gantt Charts, manage issues and risk, and manage project estimates all in the same platform.
Take Follow-up and appreciate your team
You need to be notified of the project status through meeting with the team, merchants and other stakeholders. In case someone is dropping behind the project timeline, then you need to remove them to get back on a proper track. You have to be welcoming and listen to other people. Moreover, it would help if you appreciated the efforts of the team. You have to develop the people skills for becoming an effective project manager.


In this article, we have provided complete information regarding the management of a project from start to finish. So as we know that proper project management methodologies ( requiresproject scope, critical path method, and project process. Everyone requires to understand project management factors even if you are not an expert project manager. It is beneficial to achieve your project goals more quickly as everyone works for making their “task” a considerable success.