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I have a question/concern about bootcamps

I am currently enrolled in a bootcamp. I Before I enrolled I did my research and asked several questions about it being geared toward absolute beginners. I was assured that it was. I have been with this camp for several weeks now and I feel as the instructions are lacking, very fast and not clear. I am just not grasping what is being taught. I have asked for help on multiple occasions and I am told to use all my resources. I fully appreciate this statement. I understand the need to be able to google or youtube my way around and find the answer but to be told repeatedly to turn to free sources after paying a very healthly sum is very disheartning to me. I am not here to bash anyone. Everyone learns differently and this particular bootcamp is a great fit for alot of people. My question is this.... has anyone with zero coding experience and knowledge found a course they feel took the time to "dumb it down" for an absolute beginner? I'm fine with paying tuition. Free classes may be great for some, but I need to be able to have access to classes and instructors and projects. Thank you for any insight!