I'm Late On The Scene, But Better Late Than Never...

I'm a 47 year old, US Army Veteran that needed to make some changes. I found myself at the stage where you evaluate your life's acccomplishments, after battling pretty serious health issues. I got up the next morning and decided that I'd do research and find a bootcamp/cohort so that I could learn coding. There was one problem, I'm a Pre-911 veteran and my G.I. Bill expired so what the hell could I do to make changes? I found a few sites and filled out apps but continued to get stuck at the coding challenges. How could I pass a coding challenge without knowing how to code? I picked up my phone and started looking through apps, that's where I found Career Karma, totally by mistake! I downloaded it and started reading. I swear that I had no idea what an ISA was prior to Career Karma. Since then, I've gotten accepted to to multiple schools, thanks to Career Karma, but Thinkful, Flatiron, Kenzie Academy, and Claim Academy have been the most interactive.
Covid-19 came into my life like a worldwind. I lost my job and moved into a shelter. I remained in the shelter because no one was renting. It took months for people to start allowing virtual tours of apartments.
I really need a laptop to take my cohort online. I feel that if I can just finsh my training online, I can get a higher paying job and change my whole life.
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Career Karma is raising $500,000 and giving away 5,000+ laptops to those from underserved communities that have been impacted by COVID-19 and want to reskill to land jobs in tech. If this sounds...

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