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Issues with online Bootcamps ?

Hi, I am recently enrolled in a bootcamp class that was attended online.
I started to have issues about "when I have a question to ask an instructor"
they have a forum to post an issue but It took them so long to get an answer (I mean a ridiculously long time) .They have a slack that you can personally message them but even still it is very hard to get in touch or get any response. Few of attendees told me they were with instructors almost 2-4 hours with them to teach them 1:1 on zoom on a Project. So in fact they have a great deal of preference on who they want to actually teach in more depth and help out. In the class we have ~ 30 attendees with 5 instructors then by the time you're done the day you still do not get an answer to move on with your project especially if the instructor doesnt personally feel like you are worth teaching. They should have made this class for non-beginners because the instructors seem to ignore the beginners as I have personally seen. So I just sit there waiting because I have tried every whichway possible and nothing worked for me. Any bootcamps have the same issue ?
This is suppose to be one of the top 10 coding bootcamps by the way