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Hello all! I am Sarah. I am a thirty something mother of five children. After leaving the military, I went to college to be a graphic designer and have spent the last ten years as a freelancer. It seems that recently, everyone has decided they're a graphic designer and are offering much lower prices than I am wiling to which brought me to Career Karma. I knew I didn't want to go to college again but also realized I needed to enhance my skills and make myself more marketable. I found UX/UI Design and it was love. I did start at another bootcamp but unfortunately they overpromised and underdelivered and have since cancelled their UX program completely. Here I am again.

Besides losing two family members to the pandemic, I've also had to transition to homeschooling all of my children--- who unfortunately broke my computer. I have been unable to find work since the work at home field is so hot right now and I am unable to travel the hour to Cleveland currently. We were quarantined and missed out on pay because unemployment was denied and then again for the deaths of family members.

A laptop would allow me to continue working towards building a portfolio that I am proud of and continue working on finding a bootcamp that works for me and cares about me as a person instead of simply churning out graduates. I am so grateful to even have this opportunity.
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Career Karma is raising $500,000 and giving away 5,000+ laptops to those from underserved communities that have been impacted by COVID-19 and want to reskill to land jobs in tech. If this sounds...

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