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My Answer to: "How Do I Prioritize Pursing Riches and Doing More to Help Others"

Across the world, new solutions to modern problems are being discovered through every facet of computer science. These solutions are allowing those forgotten by the system opportunities to change everything for the better. Computer science may very well be how poverty, slavery and climate change become problems of yesteryear.

If education is the great equalizer, then technology is her vehicle.

I believe that within those seven-hundred million who live in true poverty across the world, there lies thousands and very possibly millions who shall be named as the next great minds of tomorrow. They will stand side by side the likes of Alexander Hamilton, Frederick Douglas, Gandhi, Dr King and Abraham Lincoln.
But in order for this great revolution to take place YOU - the individual - must take that brave first step. Join Career Karma. Remain in our family. Be anxiously engaged.

Remember this rule of computer science: Every problem has a solution.

As members of the western world, we have a solemn duty as serious as an incoming water fall and as serious as drowning to save our brothers and sisters who are heading for certain death.

One of the best ways to do this is via the internet.
Imagine you and a friend are shooting down roaring rapids. You've been out all day having fun fighting the rushing water. Suddenly, up ahead you see a waterfall. As you and your friend look out and pause to decide what to do, you hit a rock, sending you both through the air and into the water. Now both of you have two problems: the immediate issue of drowning and the imminent threat of going down a waterfall. Your friend is panicking in the middle of the river, too far to grab onto the rocky bank. You are within reaching distance of the bank and see a long branch up ahead.

Your decision: try to save your friend by swimming over to grab them while they panic in the water, or...

Risk your friend's life to both secure your own and help them out by throwing the fallen branch you see up ahead.


The thing about this situation is that the compassionate will ten times out of ten immediately swim towards the drowning to save them. However, the more effective way to save a drowning person is NOT to take this route.

According to, a four year study took place in which PDV's (primary drowning victims AKA your friend) and rescuers' (AKA you) survival rates were compared. This is what they found: "In this 4-year period, 88 "rescuer" drowning incidents occurred in which 114 "rescuers" and 60 PDVs died from drowning in MDIs [Multiple Drowning Incidents]; 114 drowned "rescuers" rescued 47 PDVs before they died from drowning" ( This study shows that almost DOUBLE the amount of people who attempted to rescue a drowning person died saving those drowning.

What a statistic, am I right?


Both of you are still in the water. Armed with the knowledge gained from that study, you make the quick, but painful decision to jump out of the water yourself first as you see your friend's eyes widen as they think you are abandoning them. You roll onto the rocky shore. Your friend starts screaming. You stand up. The water carries him further and faster towards death. You start sprinting for the tree branch. Your friend's strength wanes. You reach the branch and throw it in.

Your friend's head ducks under the icy water. Your heart drops. You think you failed...

Just then, a desperate arm shoots out of the water, clinging to the branch. you run forward as fast as you can before a great effort goes unpaid and down the approaching waterfall. You run as fast as you can! You dive for the branch! You take it! You pull! And pull! And PULL!

Your friend safely makes it onto the bank as you watch your capsized raff go over the edge of the consuming cliff of water. You both lay back exhausted from this successful effort and laugh about how close you both were to dying.


In our lives, we all know people who are heading in the direction of metaphorically drowning in life’s hardships. Our mothers, our fathers. Our friends, our lovers. Our brothers, our sisters. It is our responsibility as members of Career Karma to grab a hold of a future in technology, striving to be as successful as possible, so that we may offer the life raft to those who are moments away from drowning in the system.

We as members of the western world are privileged in every sense. Even the most destitute in America has several legs up on the average person living in poverty in the world. According to, “More than 700 million people live in poverty around the world, living on less than $1.90 a day. Every day, 15,000 children die of preventable diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia. More than 260 million children are out of school, limiting their chances of breaking the cycle of poverty. The numbers are daunting.” Luckily, we as members of the western world do not encounter such hardships.

Right now, seven-hundred MILLION of our brothers and sisters are living in poverty in this world. Right now, there are an estimated twenty-one MILLION to fourty-five MILLION of our brothers and sisters in slavery (

So to answer your question of ‘How should I prioritize pursuing riches and doing more to help others?’, monetarily secure yourself, then bullrush to save others.

Join with me on this crusade to change the world forever. Join with me to end modern slavery. Join with me to spread love and plenty. Take the first step on Career Karma. Join us and stay with us. The blood of the very future stains our hands forever reminding us that there are more things to be done.

It’s time to make the decision. Roll onto the bank of this rushing river. Save your friends.

Be brave. Learn vigorously.