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State of the Bootcamp Market Report 2020

Below are the key findings of the report our team has worked long and hard to produce, please share! To read the full report, visit: KEY FINDINGS - Market Size In 2019, 33,959 students attended one of the 105 coding bootcamps studied in this analysis, a 4.38% growth since 2018. In 2020, we expect the bootcamp sector to grow to an estimated 35,446 students. - Revenue Tuition revenue in 2019 was approximately $460,733,000, up from $439,581,000 in 2018. -Bootcamp Costs and Financing The average in-person bootcamp cost $13,293 in the US in 2019. The most expensive full-time programs charged over $20,000 in tuition - Online Bootcamps In 2019, 6,995 students graduated from or attended an online coding bootcamp. The average tuition for these courses was $14,623. - Income Share Agreements (ISAs) In 2019, 27 US bootcamps offered ISAs. The average terms were a 38- month term (length), $42,476 minimum income threshold, 13.8% income-share percentage, and a $32,754 payment cap. - Bootcamp Student and Graduate Locations The top five metropolitan areas in 2019 in terms of how many bootcamp grads are employed in each city were New York City (46 bootcamps), San Francisco (33 bootcamps), Los Angeles (21 bootcamps), Seattle (18 bootcamps), and Washington, D.C. (16 bootcamps). - Top Employers In terms of the number of graduates hired, the top companies who hired bootcamp graduates in 2019 were Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. - Largest Bootcamps The ten largest bootcamps in terms of the total size of their student body in 2019 were General Assembly, Hack Reactor/Galvanize, Flatiron School, Ironhack, Bloc, Lambda School, App Academy, Springboard, Thinkful, and Fullstack Academy. What did you find most interesting about the report? Comment below!
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