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What are some study resources for UI/UX design beginners?

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Haja C
3 months ago
in Ask a Coach
User Interface and User Experience Design are hot career paths with anticipated high demand. Some members have requested online resources to begin looking into these exciting fields. If you are interested in pursuing training in UI/UX design, you may want to explore or prepare online, prior to starting a bootcamp. Here are some resources to allow you to begin your exploration or preparation for a UI/UX design career path. Here are some free resources to explore: FREE -Springboards User Experience Design Curriculum - -Flatiron’s UI/UX Design Intro Course – - 1 Hour Online UI/UX Design Course - Or you can check out this paid course: SkillShare - - Free Trial then subscription As a bonus, General Assembly often does free webinars and has one upcoming in May 2020: Any UI/UX Design students or professionals have more to add to the list, or have taken these and can give feedback? Please feel free to post below. I’m a Software Engineering student at an online bootcamp and a CK coach. If you need help with navigating the bootcamp application process, feel free to book a coaching session.
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