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Who are some good YouTubers to follow for Software Engineering?

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Haja C
1 year ago
in Ask a Coach
Don’t sleep on social media as being a platform to advance in your new career. There are some really great teachers on YouTube who can help clarify the nuances of various programming languages and frameworks. Many have been building websites and apps for years, as freelancers or for companies, and have many tricks to share. When I am looking for extra-curricular material, a video is often the most helpful in clarifying the concepts. Here are some highly recommended YouTubers: Traversy Media - Brad Traversy – Famous for very clear, beginner friendly, code along tutorials which explain step by step how to build websites or understand programming languages. Derek Banas – Famous for the Crash Course (Learn in one video) videos which explain a monumental amount of information in a super concise way, usually under an hour. Increase the playback speed and experience downloading new skills into your brain like Neo in the Matrix. Florin Pop - Famous for very clear, engaging, visually appealing live-streamed videos which are project based. He will often go through tutorials as well and explain what he is doing. Mosh Hamedani – Famous for very clean, straightforward code which is broken down into well-organized sessions. Do you watch any of these devs on YouTube? If you have any more go-to YouTubers for learning software engineering concepts, please comment below. I’m a software engineering student at an online bootcamp and a CK Coach. If you are interested in starting the process of becoming a software engineer, book a coaching session here: