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50-year NC Monthly Rainfall Predictions

Predictions for monthly rainfall in North Carolina

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Title: Projecting rainfall averages in North Carolina for the next 50 years. Objective: To provide a forecast of rainfall amounts for the next 50 years. This forecast could potentially be used to influence decisions in agriculture, government water regulations, and government resource management. Tools Used: Python, Time-series analysis, Seasonal Decomposition, Correlation, and Auto-correlation. Outcomes: A report and corresponding code of findings with a raster map of North Carolina projected annual rainfall for the next 5 years (2020 - 2024) the intensity of projected rainfall varies by color. I provided 95% confidence intervals for the subsequent 45 years (2025-2069). A second map detailed the differences in rainfall from present day to the projected amounts. Lastly, I separated projected data into projected annual rainfall per decade.

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