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The power to be an art critic - one swipe at a time.

2 years ago
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#1 Project of the Week

GitHub repository: Artier is a React-Native art-based social application with a Tinder-like swiping ability. Users are capable of promoting their creative work on their personalized profile which provides the additional exposure for novel artists across varying mediums. I wanted to create an application that allows users to rapidly appraise pieces of art in an incredibly easy and satisfying manner. This app utilizes the Firestore database to store user account information and all required information regarding every users' uploaded art. If you wish to see my other work, please check out my portfolio:

Project screenshot 1
Project screenshot 2
Project screenshot 3
Project screenshot 4
Project screenshot 5
Project screenshot 6
Project screenshot 7
Project screenshot 8
Project screenshot 9
Project screenshot 10
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