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Helping artists to explore influences and find inspiration

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#2 Project of the Week

Artify is a platform for artists to browse art and genres to find inspiration. It is like an instagram for artists and art lovers. I utilized Artsy's api and their selection of over 3000 artists and genres. Users can log in, browse by either artist, genre, and favorite artist or genres they are interested in. Each artist and genre has its own show page. From the show page the user can view and navigate to either similar artists or artists that fit the genre. The most impressive feature was the explore page which would generate a feed of artists for the user based on artists and genres they favorited. There is also an inspiration page which generates a random artwork independent of the users favorites to broaden the scope of what they are exposed to. I picked up Node and Vue for the project and learned the tools over the course of three weeks. On the backend I used Knex and Objection to connect to the database and form the object relational models. On the frontend I used Vue router to manage the different pages and Vuex to handle changes to state.

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